Truther Psy-Ops and Conspiracy Chickenfeed, Part 1

This will be a little series of articles where we look at misleading and false ‘conspiracy theories,’ as in psychological operations playing on baby ‘truthers’ and serving like chickenfeed of useless misinformation.
Before we dive into the list, let’s do a quick recap of how the world actually works.

What most people think is real and what they believe is going on in the world, is actually most of the time staged, scripted and ritualistic acts of pure theatre. The world is a stage and it’s several layers deep. As I explained in this article, ‘The World Stage Psy-Ops: The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening,’ the hidden hand that control this world always play opposites. One pole, as in one belief, or one reality, cannot exist without its opposite. A coin has two sides. And if you want to control the masses, you need to control them both. Because, sooner or later, people will revolt against the current system and you need to get ahead of that ‘opposite’ and control it.

A simple metaphor for these opposites is the left and the right hand, both connected to the same body. They are not independent, nor are they enemies. They actually work in a symbiotic relationship to accomplish a shared goal, no matter the sacrifices made or how messy it can appear to be for both sides. This is how controlled opposition work. This is crucial to understand, the two opposite poles are joined by an axis. They can never be separated; they can only vary in appearance and promises. Two poles playing opposites also means division. They divide in order to conquer.

This can be seen in politics where the left-wing appears to fight with the right-wing, and vice versa. But in truth it’s only appearances, a scripted show to give the public an illusion of choice and the feeling of being able to participate and influence the future by voting, which is another illusion.

This also means that most ‘conspiracy theories’ are controlled psychological operations. Simply chickenfeed leading you nowhere, planted half-truths or even blatant lies keeping you occupied and controlled by their counter-narrative. Some of these are easily identified if you have an ounce of logical thinking and discernment while also understanding their symbolism, their use of numerology, gematria, and other ancient and occult practices. So, here are a few false conspiracy psy-ops that most of us agree on:


5G was part of the distraction narrative during the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic hoax as it was introduced at the same time, in late 2019. The topic was spread on social media as clickbait and fear porn. It was used by controlled opposition such as Sasha Stone, Judy Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Max Igan, David Icke, Alex Jones, and many more to further the Infodemic, censorship and the cancel culture and to uphold the mRNA lies with crazy and unscientific ideas that 5G connected to graphene and microchips within the vaccine. The 5G fear mongers were simply a divide-and-conquer strategy.


Adrenochrome is allegedly an oxidized form of adrenaline that the “elite” extracts from kidnapped children during trauma based induced fear. The concept of the use of children’s fear as an energy source is a central plot element in Disney’s movie Monsters Inc., which is filled with Jesuit purple symbolism. Adrenochrome is mentioned in Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception (where it is compared to mescaline.) In Anthony Burgess’ book and Stanley Kubrick’s movie ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ Alex drink milk laced with drugs like adrenochrome (drencrom.) Adrenochrome also appears in Hunter Thompson’s book (and the movie adaption with Johnny Depp) ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’

Adrenochrome is used by controlled opposition, especially the ‘pizzagate’ and ‘Qanon’ crowd when trying to normalize the satanism and pedophilia of the ‘elite families’ and as a distraction by playing on emotions concerning children. It’s tied to the Coronavirus hoax and the psy-op of “white hats” saving children from tunnels and bunkers. According to these disinformation agents Adrenochrome is an anti-aging and immortality serum, which of course is ridiculous.

Bilderberg as an important gathering

I mentioned the Bilderberg Group in my “Being Diet Aware. Deep State, White Hats, and Q/QAnon-Bullshit” article. The Bilderberg conferences are annual meetings for top politicians and business people. It was held for the first time in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, and was organized by the Jesuit Jozef Retinger with prince Bernhard as chairman (member of Knights of Malta, the protectors of the Vatican.)

Controlled opposition like Alex Jones, Jim Tucker, James Corbett, Dan Dicks, Mark Dice, Jesse Ventura, and many others have made the Bilderberg conferences into a conspiracy and distraction, associating it with real think tanks such as the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, and the Tavistock Institute. In reality, it’s only a conference where the “foot soldiers” get an update on the current agenda and what to implement and work on in their respective countries. Nothing is decided or agreed upon at the Bilderberg meetings. That happens way higher up in the pyramid. Read more in my article, ‘How the World is Run – A Simple Look at the Control Structure of Your ‘Reality.’

Deep State

“The Deep State” originally surfaced as a shorthand buzzword for bureaucrats wanting to undermine Trump. And it’s been used as an ‘opposite’ to “good politicians,” which of course does not exist. As in making characters on the world stage out to be heroes who fight some dark power. All an act, all an illusion to trap you into the world staged psy-ops as I described at the beginning of this article. Again, check the link above for an idea of how the world is run.

Flat Earth

The Flat Earth movement is mostly controlled by shills and disinformation agents such as Eric Dubey, Mark Sargent, Eddie Bravo and Santos Bonacci. It is an appealing counter-narrative to sell to those who can see through the scripted theatrics of NASA and the staged and utterly fake moon landing. It also serves at the opposite to the fake pseudo-science of heliocentrism of a ball-earth spiraling through “space,” and thus fits the bill of polar opposites. Two different psy-ops battling out against each other while the real truth is hidden, which most likely is more land and continents. However, that is the true fact of the matter. No one of us can claim to know exactly how our world looks like or how it is shaped. All the evidence points to it being a closed system and a plane. But calling it a “flat earth” confines you to a box of limited thinking while the name “flat earth” itself sprinkles a shimmer of ridicule, which of course, is part of the psy-op – to make you look like a nutcase.

That term, ‘flat earther’ is also used in ridicule programming and conditioning. For example, Barack Obama compared ‘climate change deniers’ to ‘flat earthers,’ to strengthen the fake validity of the climate change hoax. Again, putting two opposites, two invented things against each other to make one of them look real. Also, during the staged and fake pandemic, the same strategy was used with ‘anti-vaxxers,’ comparing them to ‘flat-earthers,’ to strengthen the legitimacy of the maiming and sterilizing vaccine shots.

That is all I have time for this morning. If you want more information or like to discuss these misleading conspiracies, please join us at our uncensored community where we go much deeper into each and every one of these.

And thanks to LexLuTHOR for the featured image.

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