The Crisis Actor’s “Birds Aren’t Real” Psy-Op to Discredit Truthers

Some of you might have heard of this and when you did, you most likely shrugged it off as some nutcases looking for attention. However, this movement is actually “real” and it was started by, and is organized by, crisis actors from fake school shootings. Yes, we have seen them in several fake shootings acting as different parents or siblings to alleged victims. They call it a Gen Z “satirical” conspiracy theory where they say that birds are in fact government drones used to spy on citizens and even used to assassinate targets.

However, while that might sound like a stupid and harmless satire, it is not. Far from it. These government-controlled actors actually stage rallies and protests where they act all serious. And there is only one single reason for this – to make everyone who questions the government’s narrative, as in talking about “conspiracy theories” to look like a crazy person. The big majority of all people, those who are asleep and use their TV and “news”-papers as a source, will associate these crisis actors and their silly ‘conspiracy theory’ of birds not being real with all other proven ‘conspiracy theories’ that are true, such as, that 99% of all school and mass shootings are staged and faked or that NASA is 100% balloon-rockets and poorly made CGI. They make us all look bad. It’s guilt by association.

— “What, do you think the news are fake? What are you, a ‘bird denier?’ Hurr-durr.”

And that is the psy-op. That is why they do it. It’s part of the infodemic. A way to censor free speech and mock anyone who might question the official narrative. I bet that we will see more of these fake movements where they try to ridicule anyone who do not conform with their ‘right think.’

So, if you see these crisis actors in your city with big billboards screaming that ‘birds aren’t real,’ be aware that they are paid government agents and that you will get some sweet karma points by punching their teeth down their throat.

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