“Conspiracy Theorist” Actor Alex Jones to Pay Nearly $1 Billion in Damages

This theatre show has been going on for ages now — programming the sheep that pointing out and exposing lies, deceit, and fakery is bad and can be very expensive, m’kay.
Heck, even the New Yorker did a satire piece, headlined as, “Tucker Carlson Warns That Alex Jones’s Billion-Dollar Penalty Will Have Chilling Effect on Lying.”

As we covered in previous decodes of this staged and utterly fake trial, Alex Jones (formerly Bill Hicks,) is nothing more than a gatekeeper, an actor in play on the world stage to make anyone who question the official narrative and the authorities to be identified as a crazy far-right over-the-top conspiracy theorist extremist.

And with this fake trial, the message is clear, anyone questioning their fake and staged operations should now be liable to pay extreme sums in damages to government crisis actors playing the roles of butt-hurt ‘victims.’

It’s simply a part of the metascript of their ‘infodemic,’ the modern-day book burning as they try to silence anyone asking questions or pointing out the falsehood and obvious fakery in their events and operations. Anything that is not government approved is deemed as disinformation and will be penalized.

I covered this and the SMMA, allowing the government to stage fake events and present them as real for the ‘greater good’:

Puppet Alex Jones / Infowars Files for Bankruptcy to Legitimize the Propaganda Tool of Fake Shootings – and The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act 2012

So, shed no tears for Alex Jones, the trial is fake and he is on it all; getting paid and most likely getting promoted within the ranks of their secret societies for his stellar acting.

As for this ritual, the staged trial decision for Alex to pay nearly $1 billion came on October 12, or 10/12, like 112, as you drop the zeroes in numerology. 112 is the Sandy Hook number, so writing a new chapter in this play on that date was very well scripted.

Also, the exact sum was ‘$965 million,’ to be paid by ‘Alex Jones.’

Sandy Hook = 112
$965 Million = 112
Alex Jones = 112

Just imagine getting that lined up for that date. The possibility for that happening organically by coincidence is pretty much zero. And remember, the Jesuit Order operates in 112 countries. Also, Alex Jones was allegedly born on February 11, or as we write in Europe, 11/2, like 112.

Now, note that the headlines read as ‘nearly $1 billion,’ while the scripted sum is actually $965 million. That is $35 million short of a billion, and that is not by chance, as everything they do is coded.

Alex Jones = 35
Sandy Hook = 35

And the 35th prime is 149.

Nearly $1 Billion = 149 (they think they’re so clever)

What more does 35 remind you of, if you like numbers, that is? Yes, the ‘3 to the 5th power.’ That is, the mathematical exponentiation of 3 to the power of 5, as in 3 being the base and 5 the exponent, as in 35 or 3^5, as in 3 being multiplied with itself five times.

3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243

And guess what? This decision on October 12 came 243-days after Alex’s birthday. Such a coincidence, huh?
Now, keep in mind that many of these Psychological Operations, such as staged events, shootings and fake trials are orchestrated by Freemasons within the police, the justice system, and the Jesuit-controlled CIA.

Central Intelligence Agency = 243
Psychological Operation = 243

Again, another theatre act on the world stage, all executed by the numbers. Are you awake yet?

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