Baby Troofers Excited About World-Stage Actors Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin

Again, my social media feed has been swamped with clueless baby troofers buying into the world stage theatrics and the scripted interview of Vladimir Putin by the Jesuit controlled media-actor Tucker Carlson. It’s getting really embarrassing by now.

If you still believe that the staged and fake war in Ukraine is real, you probably believed in the Covid-19 ritual and psy-op and you are likely still wearing a face diaper, perhaps an adult diaper as well.

Repeat after me; “everyone who get exposure on the world stage is controlled, an actor, following a script.” This is especially true for Vladimir Putin, but also true for the ‘right-wing’ propaganda puppet Tucker Carlson.

As I wrote in May last year, when Tucker “re-launched” on Twitter (X,) Tucker is simply a character, an actor on the world stage made to uphold the illusion of left vs. right. He is part of “alternative media,” which functions as a gatekeeper and controlled opposition against “mainstream media” aimed at those slowly waking up and for those trapped in the deception of the “right-wing.”

Tucker plays his role perfectly with lukewarm and silly “conspiracy theories” and half-truths muddled with propaganda and the world stage political illusion, protecting the real lies and deceit. And this scripted interview with Vladimir Putin is 100% proof that he works to uphold the world stage illusion, the staged and fake war in Ukraine and every other psy-op that is being played out – as he reinforced the lie that they are real, when in truth it’s all staged, all deception, all theatre.

To emotionally invest gullible baby troofers, and deceive them into thinking that everything is real, news agencies are now saying that Tucker might be hit with a travelling ban and that Ukrainian “terrorist groups” like the CIA/Jesuit controlled “Myrotvorets” are out to kill him, all while the “left-wing” media says that Tucker is doing the bidding of the Kremlin. It plays worse than a 70’s sitcom, but the dumbed down right-wing nutters and Qanons/Qtards swallow it. Pathetic.

As Tucker is a world stage actor and controlled opposition, just as Putin, this interview is of course coded and scripted for the media, and there is a reason why they chose Tucker for the interview among all other controlled “journalists” – which again show us 100% that it’s staged theater.  

The interview was officially granted for Tucker Swanson Carlson on February 6, 122 days after Putin’s October 7 birthday.

Tucker Swanson Carlson = 122
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122 (the Christogram of the Jesuit Order)
Pope Francis = 122

The interview was granted 266 days after Tucker’s May 16 birthday. And Jesuit Pope Francis is the 266th pope.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Tucker is known for wearing his Kabbalah/Qaballa bracelet, as he is a Freemasonic kabbalist. And the interview was also granted exactly 244 days before Putin’s next birthday.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 244 (Qaballa)

Going back to the 266 days after Tucker’s birthday, the only tagline he made on Twitter and on his website about the interview was, “Here’s why we’re doing it.”

Here’s why we’re doing it = 266 (Qaballa)

What is interesting is that 266 days is the same as 38 weeks. So, Tucker’s interview was granted 38 weeks after his birthday, and it will be aired on Thursday, February 8, which is 3 months and 8 days before his next birthday, as in 38. That’s two 38’s; the number of murder and killing. Are they telling us something?

Anyhow, the interview is about the scripted “Russian story” in the staged and totally fake “Russia-Ukraine” conflict.

Russian Story = 38
Russia-Ukraine = 38

Of course, the interview will be published on February 8, a day with 18-date numerology at 18:00 Washington time, as in 6 p.m. And as we know, 18 is symbolic for the Number of the Beast, as 6+6+6 = 18. On the world stage mainstream media, Putin has often been portrayed as the Beast, so very fitting indeed.

2/8/2024 = 2 + 8 + 2+0+2+4 = 18

18:00 Washington time = 18

IHS = 18, 18 (Iesus Hominum Salvator, the Jesuit Christogram)

The interview was allegedly conducted on the 7th of February, like 7/2, as in 72. Pope Francis of the Jesuit Order became pope on March 13, 2013, the 72nd day of the year.

Jesuit Order = 72, 72

The interview of the Russian president by Tucker Carlson was granted on February 6, a day with 52-date numerology, and it was then held on February 7, exactly 52 days after Pope Francis’ birthday.

2/6/2024 = 2 + 6 + 20 + 24 = 52

Pope = 52
Tucker Carlson = 52
The Kremlin = 52
President = 52
Authority = 52

Which also means that the “interview” was done on a day with 53-date numerology and will be released on February 8, exactly 53 days after Pope Francis’ birthday.

Interview = 53

That also means that the interview will be released 1 month and 22 days, like 122 (that we decoded earlier,) after Pope Francis’ birthday.

Pope Francis = 122
Tucker Swanson Carlson = 122
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122

And the interview with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will be released exactly 313 days before Pope Francis’ next birthday.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin = 313

And the Jesuit “Russian Story” will be released on a day with 54-date numerology.

2/8/2024 = 2 + 8 + 20 + 24 = 54

Russian Story = 54
Masonic Rite = 54
Jesuit Order = 54

I could go on and on, as all of these three days involving this interview are heavily scripted and coded with Pope Francis, The Jesuit Order, and of course, Tucker and Putin.

However, my time is up for this morning, and everything about this staged and scripted world-stage interview should be obvious, at least if you are somewhat awake and aware. Also, myself and many others have exposed all these characters so many times by now that it’s becoming annoyingly repetitive. Unfortunately, it still seems like it’s needed, at least when I occasionally watch my social media feed and see all the nonsense and confusion still going on.

For more on the world-stage illusions, please check my ‘Quick Start: The World Playbook as We Know It.‘ And we will likely dig deeper at our own uncensored community at, the only online forum for real world-stage investigators.

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