World Stage: Nuclear Propaganda on March 9

While several News Outlets had articles covering “Ideal Conditions for a Nuclear Strike on NATO,” and “Nuclear War: The Rising Risk, and How We Stop It,” CNN featured an “exclusive” stating that “US had prepared for potential Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine in late 2022.”

Of course, that “potential” Russian ‘nuclear strike’ in 2022 never happened, because there is no such thing as a “nuclear weapon” or an “atomic bomb.” That is all pseudo-science bollocks and fear-mongering propaganda to keep the war industry and the illusion of a “one press on a button” threat alive.
So, after weeks or even months, of not even mentioning the nuclear hoax, why did the media run with several fake nuclear stories on March 9? Because they had to, because everything they do is scripted and coded by the numbers using gematria.

Although we are in a leap year, March 9 is typically the 68th day of the year, the number of the nuclear energy hoax. In 2023, on March 9, they staged a fake “80 missile” attack on Ukraine and mentioned nuclear power plant blackouts, allegedly leaving 15% of Kyiv without electricity. On March 9, 2022, Biden banned the import of oil from Russia due to “Putin’s War Machine” and the threat of “nuclear war,” and there were rumors of “nuclear meltdowns.” And on it goes, always by the numbers. Specific topics for specific dates.

Hiroshima was bombed with fire bombs, allegedly said to have been an “atomic bomb,” on the 6th of August, like 6/8, or 68. This is very relevant as CNN mention this atomic bombing hoax in their article. And in 1943, on March 9, the 68th day of the year, the town of Hanford, Washington, was made to evacuate to setup the first nuclear energy site in the U.S. The number of 68 is tightly connected to the nuclear energy and weapon hoax.

Nuclear Energy = 68
Nuclear Weapon = 68
Nuclear Weapons = 68

Being 2024, a leap year, March 9 is now the 69th day of the year and CNN brings up an old story about Vladimir Putin from 2022.

Vladimir Putin = 69, 69

Of course, the two alleged “atomic bombs” that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened on August 6 and 9 respectively, like 69. Thus, both 68 and 69 are used in Nuclear Weapon propaganda.

And as for focusing on nuclear weapons in the headlines on March 9, as in the “atomic bomb,” March 9 can simply be written as 3/9, like 39, and in gematria, using the important English reduction cipher, the sum of “atomic bomb” is 39.

March 9 = 3/9 = 39

Atomic Bomb = 39, 39
War = 39

Of course, we can also say the ‘9th of March,’ like 9/3, as in 93, which is the simple sum of “atomic bomb” in the English cipher.

9th of March = 9/3 = 93

Atomic Bomb = 93

And going back to the Jesuit CNN and they bringing up Vladimir Putin and the propaganda of a ‘nuclear war’ on March 9, exactly 154 days after Putin’s October 7 birthday, is all in the numbers.

Nuclear War = 154

The story about preparing for a “nuclear attack” from Putin came at a span of 22 weeks and 1 day after Putin’s birthday, like 221.

Nuclear Attack = 221

Of course, counting forward, this story was released exactly 212 days before Putin’s next birthday, and when you speak about the fake atom bomb, you think of ‘J. Robert Oppenheimer,’ the alleged “father of the atomic bomb,” who recently was featured in an atrocious documentary movie.

J. Robert Oppenheimer = 212

Again, that is how they do it. Always by the numbers, always connected to the dates and the keywords – all to uphold the illusion on the world stage and to keep the masses in a blind dumbed down slumber; following along like a flock of sheep afraid of the big bad wolf, whatever he might disguise himself as, be it Putin, Xi Jinping, covid-19, or the atomic bomb. Control through fear. And that’s why some dumbed down Swedes celebrated Sweden’s membership into NATO, another illusionary tool of conditioning.

Always remember that all major countries in the world is run by the same people, the elite families and their Jesuit Order. All the governments are merely puppets, all working together to uphold an illusion of “world affairs” that favor their goals and agenda. Everything is scripted, everything is staged, everything is fake.

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