“Scientists” Claim Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough by the Numbers

This story comes at a perfect time when the world is experiencing a staged and totally fake energy crisis. And not only that, like all ‘discoveries’ and big ‘breakthroughs’ they are coded and presented by the numbers covered by little stinky Jesuit and Freemasonic fingerprints. That alone make you wonder how much truth there are to these “scientific” breakthroughs, or if they are real at all?

As for electricity, the model and idea we are presented with, by the electrical companies, where we are charged for ‘consuming’ is a lie. The “flow” of electricity in a circuit, or in a large grid, is constant. When you use a plugged-in device, you simply connect to that circuit, and if you measure the electricity before and after your device, it’s unaffected. You do not consume electricity. If it went down by being consumed, your thousands of neighbors, industries, and so on, who are connected to the same circuit, would have trouble using their devices and machinery. You use energy that is created by the flow of electricity. So, if the electricity companies and our governments where honest, we should only pay a fee for plugging into the power grid and for the maintenance of it – not pay for something that is free. However, that is a subject of a whole other article.

Now, Nuclear Fusion is one of those theories claiming to mimic the alleged energy production of the sun and the stars. As with all science, most principles are built upon a theory and speculation formed from a certain world-view of the originator. To support this theory, little Jesuit and Freemasonic “scientists” comes up with mathematical formulas and experiments to “prove it.”

How much of this “science” that is true, if anything, we can’t really say. We can truly never know unless we are in the same club and have climbed the ladder to the highest degrees. What we do know is that they lie about everything and that “production” of electricity and to charge us for it is a scam, most likely to cover up the fact that energy is free and unlimited.

As for this breakthrough, it is of course scripted by the numbers, which tells us that the people behind it are puppets to those in power.

The articles about this “breakthrough” are very keen on telling us that it is a major milestone in reproducing the power of the ‘sun.’ Yes, we know that they worship what they believe is the ‘original’ sun, the Sun God as in Saturn, the first dim light during creation before God, on the fourth day, created the Sun and the Moon to complement each other.

In their twisted minds, Saturn is also Satan, and when they claim they produced the ‘power’ of the Sun (Saturn/Satan,) lasting less than 100 trillionths of a second, by using 192 lasers, they actually tell us that it was a satanic ritual. And by using their own method of coding and creating word magic by the use of numerology and gematria, we can easily decode and reveal this to be true.

Although this alleged experiment was conducted on December 5, and CNN published a preview on December 12, it was not formally announced by the media until December 13, the day when 18-days remained in the year. 18 is symbolic of Satan, of the Beast, as 6 + 6 + 6 equals 18.

Note that this experiment was allegedly done at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. That is three ‘L.’ L is the 12th letter, which means that in reverse reduction it sums to 6, so three ‘L’ can be written as ‘666.’ Clever little bastards.

Also, note that the article is updated 12:21, as in (1+2) and 2+1,) the Freemasonic highest degree of 33. You could also say that 12:21 is separated as ‘11’ and ’22,’ the Freemasonic Master Number and Master Builder Number. And together they sum to 33, the Master Teacher Number.

Now, the “breakthrough” actually came out of the ‘National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,’ which just happens to sync up perfectly with ‘Nuclear Fusion,’ imagine that!

National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory = 383

383 is the 76th prime number. And we know that this is a satanic ritual, and that also means that their Antichrist, Barack Obama, will be coded into the ritual as well.

Nuclear Fusion = 76
Barack Obama = 76
Skull and Bones = 76 (aka., Order 322, Freemasonic Order out of Yales)
Barack H Obama = 76
Barack as Satan = 76
Fusion = 76
Masons = 76, 76, 76

The US Secretary of Energy is Jennifer Granholm, who was born on February 5, 1959, was exclusively mentioned in CNN’s preview of the news release on December 12 where it states that the announcement will be on Tuesday, December 13. It was also CNN who was very keen on mentioning the full name of the facility of the laboratory. December 12 was 310 days after Jennifer’s birthday.

National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory = 310

What are the odds?

And, from the announcement on December 13 to her upcoming birthday on February 5 is a span of 55 days, the code for Satan and their ‘New Age’ movement. Also, they said they used 192-lasers and that Nuclear Fusion is a “clean energy” source.

Satan = 55
Laser = 55
New Age = 55
192 Lasers = 55
Clean Energy = 55

And her name of Jennifer Granholm is connected to the ritual as well.

Jennifer Granholm = 88
Obama is the Antichrist = 88
Beast = 88
Lasers = 88
Energy = 88
California = 88 (the laboratory is located in California)

December 13 was also the 347th day of the year, and 347 is the 69th prime number. And the ruse about “clean energy” is to reduce ‘carbon dioxide,’ another hoax in the climate change agenda.

Carbon Dioxide = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69
New World Order = 69 (A fictional promise of clean energy for the looming New World Order, Agenda 2030)
Fusion Energy = 69

And being a Satanic ritual about energy and Lucifer being the symbol of their Sun God, their ‘Nuclear Energy,’ the number of 74 is very important. And the significance is even greater as December 13 came with a Freemasonic 47-date numerology and 47 is 74 in reverse.
12/13/22 = 12 + 13 + 22 = 47 (47 <-> 74)

Lucifer = 74
Nuclear = 74
Energy = 74
Lasers = 74

Also Masonic, Occult, and Messiah sums to 74.

And it also fit with the narrative. 192 lasers to accomplish a clean energy source…

One Hundred Ninety-Two = 74 (192 spelled out)
Clean Energy Source = 74

That is all I have time for today. For a deeper decode of all the satanic matches (and Obama) in this ritual, check Joseph’s video below.

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