The Staged Energy Crisis – Power Plants Closing Down

Since November, I have received several articles and links about a slow world-wide shutdown of power plants all while the cost of electricity has skyrocketed all throughout this year. Imagine that, not once in my almost 49-years of living have we experienced any problems with power distribution, not even any eye-catching price hikes, yet in 2022 with our “superior” technology we have a “energy crisis.” Of course, it is orchestrated by those in real power and carried out by their puppets on the world stage – the so called ‘world leaders’ and their freemasonic minions working these power plants and the power grid.

We have also seen several power outages, as well as alleged sabotage to power stations, as in the staged sabotage of substations in Portland all done by the numbers. If you understand how the world works, if you know their symbolism and use of numerology and gematria, you can easily see that nothing of this is organic, it is all done by following orders from the top. It’s all scripted, it’s all staged.

And yes, I’m aware of the theories of free energy, that most of our electricity is harvested from the ether and that nuclear power plants are fake water boilers (and they are to a degree) and simply fronts for making us pay for something that actually is free. Also, you do not use electricity, it’s the flow of electricity that creates energy that you use. But no electricity is lost, it’s all a scam. It’s simply another cog in the hamster wheel; trapping and forcing us to work for a wage and be away from our families most of the day (slavery,) letting the government raise our kids instead (to become slaves.) And this invisible prison has us trapped for the majority of our life.
So, in reality, there cannot be any organic ‘energy crisis,’ as we have energy in abundance. However, that does not matter, as the top of the power pyramid is in total control of the power grid, the distribution of energy and electricity – and if they want us to suffer from outrageous increases in cost and from power outages, they simply stage it.

Now, no media outlet is reporting on this world-wide ‘problem.’ They are however, of course, reporting on each shut down and incident separately – a kind of lazy man’s revelation of the method. Each country reporting on its own fabricated and staged problems, and it’s all happening almost simultaneously all over the world. Yeah, I do not believe in coincidences when something repeats several times in quick succession.

At the same time, there are several ‘news stories’ about re-activating old coal plants to help with the ‘energy crisis.’ Although, that will not do much and will only spark the conversations of need for clean “green energy,” furthering that hoax agenda of “climate crisis.” Yes, it seems that everything is labelled a “crisis” nowadays. Also, several countries are planning to build ‘next generation’ nuclear power plants, however such ‘solutions’ are several years in the future.

So, what does all this mean? Is this the ‘Dark Winter’ all world leaders talked about in late 2020 and during 2021? I wrote about that in mid-2021 and late-2021, where I speculated about another fake pandemic-wave, a staged power crisis and food crisis. I guess I predicted most of it pretty accurately, as that is what the media is now shoveling down our throats, a current ‘energy crisis’ with the cost of electricity out of control, all while food prices have almost doubled, or more. So, you could say, that we also have a small ‘food crisis.’

While some are saying that there will be planned long-term shut-downs of power and the internet, leaving millions to die, I’m not that gloom and doom.

My initial feeling is that this is simply part of their Agenda 2030. They will blame this ‘energy crisis’ on increasing population (although we just had a very deadly plandemic, lol,) on increasing energy demands, on old failing power plants that must be replaced by “green energy,” the difficulty of having countries exporting and importing energy, and a lot of other nonsense their writing farms come up with.

If we look at the cornerstones of Agenda 2030, they are the Digital ID, Smart Cities, a Social Credit Score System, a Universal Basic Income guarantee, a One World Government, a One World Digital Currency, and an end to ownership where you will rent and share the things you need in your daily life.

Read more about Agenda 2030 here:

What Exactly is Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, The New World Order?

Yes, it is a utopian Orwellian communist-inspired nightmare. And this “energy crisis” fits right in. I do think there might be short planned and pre-announced power outages to ‘conserve’ energy at specific hours through the day – and, of course, several short unannounced outages to validate these measures. That would be a perfect conditioning tool, making people open for their solutions.

Actually, we had power outages as recent as yesterday evening in our city. Two rather short outages in close succession.
Now, combine these outages with the escalating energy costs, and after a tough winter most people will be willing to agree to changes that will take us right into the core of Agenda 2030. And that is what I currently think this is all about. Conditioning, tearing us down, and leading us along their designed path.

Swedish YouTuber Zakleo made a video about this with some good references to articles and shut downs around the world. However, I do not agree with his doomsday predictions. You need to see the whole picture and that this is staged for a purpose, to program the masses for the looming Agenda 2030.

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