How Sweden Secretly Adopted the Evil Enslavement Agenda 2030

A dear friend asked me to write this short article as I have only mentioned this a few times as side-notes in previous articles. Unfortunately, most people are still unaware of this and why Sweden is crumbling and falling apart. Considering the recent staged and fake Parliament Election is Sweden, it is as relevant as ever.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Satanic enslavement system known as Agenda 2030, which is also called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” “Build Back Better (666),” “The Great Reset,” and “The New World Order,” please read the article below before you continue. In short, it is about adopting a 24/7 Digital ID, being tracked and traced 24/7, being connected to a Social Credit Score System, not being allowed to own anything, and being allowed a Universal basic Income as long as you are an obedient little slave consuming nutritionless plant-based kibble and taking your toxic shots.

What Exactly is Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, The New World Order?

Agenda 2030 was actually brought up as early as 2016 in Sweden by the parliament. Then it was silently passed as a proposition in the spring of 2019 by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. About one and a half year later, on December 17 without anyone knowing, they secretly voted for its implementation.
Only 55 of the 349 members within the parliament attended, and of these 55 only 33 voted. 22 members voted for the implementation of Agenda 2030, and 11 voted against.
If you are familiar with the Freemasons, the ‘foot soldiers’ of the Jesuit Order of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, you know that they run everything on the state- and government level. You also know that ‘33’ is their “calling card” as ‘33’ is the highest rank within Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is also called the ‘Master Teacher Number.’ The other two very important numbers to Freemasonry are ’11,’ the “Master Number,” and ’22,’ the “Master Builder Number.”
So, this scripted vote for Agenda 2030 was completely done by the Freemasonic numbers of 33, 22, and 11. Could they be any more obvious than that?

The votes for implementing Agenda 2030 in Sweden

As you look at the voting, notice that the so called “opposition” party of the ‘Sweden Democrats’ (SD) did not even vote – and only 10 of 52 showed up, for what would be the most important vote in Sweden’s history – if it was real and not scripted. In other words, they ALL played along as the puppets they are to implement Agenda 2030. The attendance and the voting were planned long ahead, and most likely only those initiated in Freemasonry, or trusted, was invited for the vote. And that brings us back to the undisputable fact that politics, the left and the right, and government are nothing but theatre for the dumbed down masses, totally controlled by the top of the power pyramid.

This has been kept from the public. It has not been addressed in the media, but Sweden is fully committed to this satanic evil depopulation and enslavement agenda disguised behind words such as “build back better” and “sustainability.”

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