How Should the World be Run? What Can We Do?

One of my life missions is to expose the lies and the deceit in our world; to show you what is really going on. What you take from that information and what you believe is up to you. All I want is that you break free from the programming, the indoctrination, the illusion and start asking questions, start researching, and start thinking for yourself instead of being a zombified sheep and relying on what the school and the media tell you to think and believe.

I’ve explained this and my background in these posts:

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Thank you for being curious!

What can we do in the fight for our freedom?

The questions I get a lot once people start waking up and understand that they have been living a lie goes something like:

“But what can we do? How should the world be run then? What alternatives are there?”

In all honesty, that is not my place to tell you. I do not have all the answers, no one does. I’m not your leader or universal problem solver. And I don’t want to be that kind of figurehead either.

Anyone who position themselves as a leader for a movement need to be continuously questioned and vetted, as most people who goes against the mainstream and actually can get that kind of exposure in this rigged and scripted world are controlled opposition. You are only given a voice on the world stage if you are allowed to. I’m the person who expose their lies. I’m not a leader, nor do I wish to be. I want people to be their own problem solvers. I want people to start taking responsibility. To start working together and to be able to live their lives outside of the current beast system. We do not need their system, but their system needs us or it will lose relevance and disappear as it is no longer needed.

I also want people to stop expecting to get everything handed to them on a platter without lifting a finger, without any kind of effort. If you want a better world, it begins with you and the people around you. Your family and friends, and the people who have useful skills that you can trade goods and services with. Whatever path you choose in this world is up to you. I’m only here to help you to wake up and give you advice and useful information that might help and aid you on your journey. That is the path I’ve chosen, to be a guide of sorts. A helping hand on your own path and journey.

If humanity is to find a new path, people will have to start with themselves by taking responsibility for their own lives. If you only sit around and wait for someone to hand you a solution, for someone to save the day, nothing will never change, nothing will ever happen. It will only get worse and your children will be living in ‘Smart Cities’ trapped in an ever-shrinking hamster wheel of slavery.

Remember, today can be just one day, or it can be day one. Take responsibility, seek out likeminded, start to network and educate yourself, work on your skills, and start walking your own path.

Thank you for reading, and for understanding. This little post will serve as my answer and as a reminder whenever the questions addressed above are being thrown at us. I might update and add to this post whenever I find better wording and better metaphors for explaining my thoughts – as I wrote this in 30 minutes by request from several friends.

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