September 11, Psy-Ops, and the Swedish Parliament Election

Today, September 11, marks the 21-year anniversary of one of the previous largest staged psychological operations, as in the government-controlled demolition of the Twin Towers – long before the fake coronavirus plandemic and the staged fake war in Ukraine. Yet, it was an important piece in the surveillance puzzle, the blaming game of false flag operations, and to keep people divided and suspicious of each other. 9/11 is very symbolic for the hidden hand that rules, especially considering that all their major rituals and staged events are tied together. So, expect a lot of fabricated stories today.

So, in other words, it’s not only bad taste, but also very fitting that Sweden has its Parliament Election today, as voting and government is the longest ongoing psy-op there is. Yet, the majority of people still believe it’s real, that what they vote for actually matters. Such poor delusional and gullible sheeple – totally unaware that the left and the right are simply two different wings belonging to the same bird. All controlled by the top of the power pyramid, all following the same agenda. Not to mention that all elections are rigged in favor of those who are currently easiest to control and has the best fit with the numbers, as yet again; everything they do is by the numbers, using numerology and gematria. When my voting card arrived in the mail, I felt offended, like they treat you as retarded. So, my dogs got to have fun and tear it apart, and what little that was left of the sheep-contract went into the recycle bin never to be seen again.
And that is important to remember. Everything they say and do is a contract that you either accept or refuse. If you vote, you accept their form of ruling and the outcome of it. That is why I would never vote in their system as I’m a free sovereign man. I do not consent.

If you are of Swedish nationality and you voted today, you just signed away your rights to anything concerning their government and ruling system, as you willingly took part in it and thus accept anything that will come off it. And if you do need to wave your rights under Natural Law as a free man or woman, but you voted in the Elections, you have already signed their contract for another 4 years, so you’re pretty much their slave. Congratulations little gullible sheep — you’re f**ked!

I will try and cover any major events that might happen today. However, most of my activity, as always, will be on our uncensored community where anything is allowed to be questioned and discussed. If you want to just chat or discuss any topic, or ask about anything or for advice, is the best forum on the Internet – and it’s also the best way to support my work and to keep this website totally free.

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