Freemasonic ritual

Why did they do this No-Confidence Ritual at the Swedish Parliament?

Just a quick little speculation…

By looking at the numbers and the obvious gematria, we know that this vote was planned and rigged. We also know that the media pushed press photos with the tattooed Freemason in the police force, just to gloat that it was a successful Freemasonic ritual/operation. I covered this here:

The question is why? Only as a diversion? To keep people occupied with theatrics? To change the dynamics and people within the Government to better suit the agendas that lie ahead? Perhaps, but we need to look at the bigger picture, their long-term goals.

Sweden committed to Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 long ago. And with the fake pandemic (and more to come) to enslave and reduce the population according to Agenda 2030, one of the best ways to achieve this is to change some of the constitutional laws.

What is needed to change a constitutional law in Sweden? They have to agree to the proposition twice and there has to be one general election in between. The purpose of this is that “the people” should have a chance in voicing their opinion, which of course never happens as the people have no clue to what is going on and the media fails to report on any law propositions and voting – you have to look it up yourself by digging deep through the archives.

This No-Confidence vote will bring up an “off-year election”. And when is the next election, yes, next year, in 2022. So, all propositions they have made in secret and voted for, can turn into a new constitutional law by the election in 2022 – such as pandemic laws, new surveillance laws, your right to free speech, and the right to bring in military, or even better, private military/mercenaries to stop demonstrations and protests.

If anyone has time, go and look for law propositions made in the last couple of years. If they voted ‘yes’, they can turn it into constitutional law by 2022 instead of waiting until 2026.

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