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Bitcoin plunges below $30,000 in Jesuit Satoshi and Virus Ritual

Once again Bitcoin plummets in accordance with the numbers. Remember, the alleged creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, turned 46 years old on April 5. 46 is the “chaos” number, so there will surely be some more turbulence for Bitcoin in the months ahead. It’s also important to understand that Bitcoin, and all cryptocurrencies after, has been introduced to condition you for a cashless society and a “One World Currency”, as in Agenda 2030. Bitcoin will fall. It’s traceable and very inefficient. Most regular crypto will have a rough road ahead, especially considering the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon Simulation coming up on July 9 – all about “cyber pandemics” and attacks on the internet and the financial systems. If you want to invest in crypto, you should look at Privacy Coins (Monero, Pirate Chain, etc.), as these are untraceable and will be the only way to buy something on the black market in the future, especially when the World Banks introduce their One World Crypto Currency and make everything else illegal.
However, considering power outages and Internet interruptions or shutdowns according to Cyber Polygon and Agenda 2030, if you want to invest, make sure to have a hardware wallet and/or your wallets backed-up on USB and other devices.
Ok then, on to the story, using their own language to communicate and cast spells, Gematria.

This story broke on June 22, 78 days after Satoshi Nakamoto’s 46th birthday.

Jesuit: 78
Knights of Malta: 78
Cryptocurrency: 78
Order Out of Chaos: 78

Chaos: 46
Ordo ab Chao: 46
Digital: 46
Currency: 46
Catholic: 46
Bringing: 46
Forth The: 46
Great Reset: 46
Virus: 46

The Knights of Malta are The Lay Order of the Jesuits, the Militia of the Pope, and that’s why they are connected in Gematria. As you can see, 46 is coded in the Latin “Ordo ab Chao” and the English translation, “Order out of Chaos” is coded with 78. Hit on both. 46 also tell us the story of chaos with digital currency bringing forth the Great Reset. 46 is also very important to the Catholic Church, as there are 46 books in the Catholic Old Testament. 46 is also connected to ‘Virus.’

This ritual came on a Tuesday, the day named after Mars.
Mars: 201 (Jew)
The Jesuit Order: 201
Saturn Worship: 201, 78
Mars: 57
Knights of Malta: 57, 78

Remember, last time Bitcoin dropped below $30,000 was on January 28, also a Tuesday. From January 28 to June 22 is 145 days.

Catholic: 145
Manipulation: 145
Yes, Catholic manipulation of the cryptocurrencies. Very much by the script.

Also, considering the 46-match on Virus, 201 is also a reference to Bill Gates’ “Event 201” – the coronavirus pandemic simulation in 2019. And the ‘78’ reference with Satoshi also ties back to the virus and the planned fake pandemic, as the pandemic was declared exactly 78 days after Anthony Fauci’s birthday. And remember, Fauci received his “education” at a Jesuit school – bringing us back to the Jesuits again and closing the circle for this ritual.

6/22/20/21 = 6+22+20+21 = 69
Event 201: 69
Fabricated: 69
New World Order: 69
The Jesuit Order: 69

Let’s look at the alleged China connection.
News broke on June 22.
6/22 = 6+22 = 28
China: 28

Headline reads:
“Bitcoin plunges below $30,000 as China ramps up the pressure on cryptos”

China: 35, 28
Cryptos: 35
Satoshi: 28
China ramps: 60, 48
Below $30,000: 60
30,000 Dollars: 48

China connects to today’s date and the Satoshi date ritual. Their wording that “China Ramps” up their pressure, is also a match with the drop below 30k.

And, the story is that the ‘People’s Bank of China’ ordered a call against cryptocurrencies on June 21, 2021 – the 172nd day of the year.

People’s Bank of China: 172, 89
Satoshi Nakamoto: 89
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam: 172, 100, 116
China: 100
Cryptos: 116

Again, there is a connection with Satoshi. And, “Ad maiorem Dei gloriam”, is the Latin motto of the Society of Jesus, an order of the Catholic Church also known as The Jesuit Order. It means “For the greater glory of God.” And that phrase is tightly coded with the script of China being involved with the cryptos. The number “172” is also associated with “The First Purge”, connecting it once again with the fake pandemic and the introduction of the killer vaccines.

So, once again they blame China, just as with the fake Wuhan Lab stories. This is of course intentional, as people need a boogeyman to blame – and they might play the card with a war on China further down the road – the perfect way to release some fake bioweapons with new “variants” of the imaginary virus.

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