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How they manage to code everything with Gematria – and questions about ‘good’ or ‘evil’ numbers

I’ve received some questions about how the cabals manage to code so much into their operations, events, and media stories. Here’s my take on it as a former Editor-in Chief and writer/author with more than 600 published articles and 8 books. I was active in the media industry (magazines, papers, books) during 2001 to 2013 and involved in online publishing between 1995 and 2016 (and I just started again.)

In the past, before the English language, Gematria was extremely important to figure out and understand all the hidden meanings in all old religious and occult texts, including the bible – and thus understanding God’s words and finding out all the names for him and the angles (and the demons.)

As Christianity grew and the Catholic Church was formed, priest dedicated their whole life to translate documents and understand these secrets. And as the English language developed and they constructed the new Gregorian Calendar (in 1582), everything was coded using Gematria. Again, priests dedicated their lives to this and have done so all through our history.

Today we have powerful computers and software for this purpose. They have editorial staffs and offices all over the world for coding all media stories. As for their events and operations, they use the same approach. You enter ‘keywords’ and a software program do the calculations and gives you dates, span of days, matches with important dates such as rituals or astronomy, and on it goes. This can of course be done in any direction, so you can look at specific dates and get suitable keywords for what kind of ritual that might be appropriate.

Remember the people taking orders and working on this has dedicated their lives to it. They know Gematria, Mysticism, the Occult, the different religions and previous operations inside and out. Add today’s computer power to that, and there you go!

For me, this is very logical and obvious. I got in contact with all of this without really knowing or understanding it when I worked as an Editor-in-Chief (2001 to 2004) and as a writer for the media industry (2001-2013). I always had publishers and other people pushing certain numbers and words to me, telling me that it ‘looked better’, was ‘more in tune’ with the current advertisers and their ads we were running, and so on. Same thing when I submitted articles to proofreaders and the editor. There were always changes, sometimes for the better and sometimes it just read weird. It was not until I actually learned about Gematria that I realized what I had been spoon-fed and what I had actually witnessed.

Another similar thing I came in contact with was when I worked with online articles and texts for products, and we used explicit software to find specific high-ranking keywords – while at the same time using software to analyze our competitor’s texts and how to make ours better. That was during 2012 to 2014. The principles were similar.

Addition – after question about ‘fear mongering’ or ‘evil’ numbers…

It’s not that a number is “good” or “bad”. You have to figure out the message and their intentions behind it. For example, the phrase “Work from Home” equals ‘56’. Without any connections, that does not have to be bad. Sometimes that can be a good thing, working from home spending more time with your family. However, when that phrase is combined with their planned pandemic and phrases like, “Close Schools”, “Online e-leaning”, “Digital Slaves”, “Virus Outbreak”, “Anti-Freedom”, and so on, which all also has the value of ‘56’, the phrase, “Work from Home” gets another meaning. Now it indicates isolation, to stay away from other people and to go against our social nature.

So, numbers are neutral, as there are words that can be perceived as positive or negative associated with every number. In the end, it’s about context, about the message, and most of the time, that message is hidden.

With all that being said, some numbers will be more ‘frequent’ in one type of story, just because several words that are important to them, are matches with that particular number. One example is 25 and 52, the matching numbers of the words ‘Enlil’ (Goddess of flooding), ‘Flood’, and ‘Earth’, so they are used on days with 25- and 52-numerology to stage weather catastrophes through weather manipulation (climate engineering/weather warfare).

Another example is 44, that I received a question about.

44 has been used in racist and deceit rituals to separate and divide people. It’s especially common when “black” people are the center of a story – just as the number 76. As an example, 44 was used several times with Barrack Obama.
Obama was #44, but the 43rd to be President. Obama’s book ‘A Promised Land,’ was released November 17, 2020, the day leaving 44 days in the year. And when Obama criticized GOP on June 7, 2020, it was on the first day of the 44th week of his age.

African-American: 44 (Septenary)
Black People: 44
Black History: 44 (Septenary)
Deception: 44
Disengage: 44
Enslaved People: 44

Another example is MLB star Rennie Stennett, a man of color who allegedly died on May 18, 2021 – on his 44th day of his age.
Kill: 44
Execution: 44
Ritual Sacrifice: 44 (Chaldean)
May 18, (20)21 = 5+8+21 = 44

And 44 is frequent in shooting with people of color, especially with the police (most of these are of course staged and scripted, simply psy-ops).
Gun Fire: 44
Shooting: 44
Kill: 44
Officer: 44
Sheriff: 44
Trooper: 44
Psy-Op: 44

And also, 44 connects with Israel and Netanyahu.
Lag B’Omer: 44
Israel: 44
Netanyahu: 44

Lag B’Omer is a Jewish holiday where “44” people was killed in stampede during celebrations on April 29, 2021…

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