The Sacramento Capital Shooting Ritual and Gavin Newsom’s Gun Control Speech

Most of us know by now that pretty much all shootings are either staged drills or false flag operations carried out by the Freemasons within the police. As for the shooting in California’s capital, Sacramento, it comes exactly 44-days after Governor Gavin Newsom’s February 18 gun control speech. And that is what these staged and mostly fake shootings are all about – removing rights and introducing new laws.

Shooting = 44
Firearms = 44
Officer = 44
Gunfire = 44

And this is important, because the first report from Sacramento was that ‘officers’ responded to the sound of ‘gunfire’ at exactly 2:01 a.m., as in 201. Also, April 3rd was the 93rd day of the year.

The Jesuit Order = 201, 93
Order of Illuminati = 201, 93

Being the 93rd day of the year is also important, because in the fake heliocentric model invented by the Jesuits, our local sun is supposedly believed to be 93-million miles away. Remember, they worship the Sun God and the Jesuits have the sun as their symbol. This is why they re-wrote English and constructed the Gregorian calendar instead of using the perfect 28-day and 13-month calendar. They hid the month called ‘Sol,’ which simply was the ‘month of the Sun.’ This is also why the Jesuit created Order of Illuminati reduces to 93.

This ritual shooting was executed while Gavin Newson is 54-years old. And it also comes at a span of 25 weeks and 1 day, as in 251, after Newsom’s birthday on October 10. 251 is the 54th prime number! A double 54!

Sun = 54

And, of course…

Sacramento Capital = 54
Jesuit Order = 54

This happened near 10th and ‘K Streets,’ according to the police.

K Streets = 54

This ritual was performed on April 3, 2022.
4/3/2022 = 4 + 3 + 20 + 22 = 49

Gun Control = 49

They also claim ‘6 dead’ and 12 wounded in most headlines. 6 is a very special number as you should know. And 12 is simply 6 + 6. So, right out off the bat we have ‘666’ in the headlines – the Number of the Beast. And of course, this is cleverly coded as well, which shows that if they actually did the shooting and someone died, the count of 6 was predetermined for the ritual.

Six Dead = 66
Number of the Beast = 66

And it happened on a ‘Sunday morning.’

Sunday Morning = 66

In perfect sync with Governor Gavin Newsom, or ‘Gov. Gavin Newsom,’ as they shorten it in all news stories about this shooting – and shorting it is not done by saving mere five letters…

Gov. Gavin Newsom = 66

And remember, this happened at 2:01, as in the Jesuit Order 201.

Six Sixty-Six = 201

Also, ‘police’ is ‘612’ in reverse Sumerian, as in ‘6’ dead and ’12’ wounded, and it’s the police who stage all these fake shootings.

And speaking of the Beast and the Jesuits, their Black Pope, the Superior General Arturo Sosa of the Jesuit Order, aka., ‘Society of Jesus,’ was born on November 12. This shooting comes 142-days after Arturo’s birthday.

Gavin Newsom = 142

And it is a span of 224-days until Arturo’s next birthday.

The Society of Jesus = 224 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And of course, ‘Gavin Newsom’ reduces to the infamous ’56.’ Such a puppet!

Gavin Newsom = 56
Twelve Wounded = 56 (6 dead, 12 wounded…)
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And for tying the story together…

Newsom = 89
12 Wounded = 89
Firearms = 89
Sacramento, California = 89

Newsom = 35
12 Wounded = 35
Six Dead = 35

Newsom = 28, 46
6 Dead = 28, 46

And remember, the quote from the mayor stated in the articles was, “a broken heart.” This fits nicely into Newsom’s speech about the gun industry and gun violence.

A Broken Heart = 55
Gun Industry = 55
Gun Violence = 55

So, what do you say now, you coincidence theorist? Just coincidences as every other story I’ve decoded? In the last 6-months I’ve decoded almost 300 news stories and showed you how they are all scripted, all lies. That would be a lot of coincidences. Not to mention the thousands of stories and sport events decoded by other intelligent and woke people.

Again, we have yet another planned and scripted event. Most likely a staged and totally fake police drill. I like to remain positive and think that nobody was actually hurt, and looking at the video footage, you see tons of Freemasonic symbolism and really silly crisis actors, so… well, draw your own conclusions. One thing is for certain though, this event as all others, was scripted and executed by your government officials and they should all be held responsible.

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