Philadelphia and Chattanooga False Flag Mass Shootings

Two new mass shootings in two days, in close succession to the Tulsa Saint Francis Hospital and the Uvalde School Shooting. The current agenda in the US is very clear and they are staging shooting after shooting, still most sheep doesn’t seem to notice the sudden change and focus.

In both of these shootings, 3 people were allegedly killed. ‘Three’ spelled out sums to 56, the symbolic number of the Society of Jesus, or The Jesuit Order. The chance that the same number of people are killed is slim, so that was obviously a tribute from the freemasonic police, the people who stage these shooting events.

The Philadelphia shooting occurred late night on June 4th, as in 6/4, like ’64.’ And it happened on South Street. And it was staged exactly 64-days before Mayor Kenney’s 64th birthday! Actually, his full name is ‘James Francis Kenney’ — Francis as in the Francis hospital shooting and the mass shooting at Francis Church in Nigeria on June 5th.

South Street = 64 & 44
Kill = 64 & 44
Shooting = 44

South Street is in ‘Downtown Philadelphia,’ which is how most news outlets reported the shooting. Keep in mind, 3 dead and 11 injured were reported, like ‘311’.

Downtown Philadelphia = 311

311 is the Octal number (8-base counting) of 201, a number we all know too well.

And to add to the mockery, CNN’s video report of the false flag on their website is exactly 2:01 minutes long, like ‘201.’

The Jesuit Order = 201

For a full decode of this event, check out JosephAcquaviva2222:

As for the staged shooting in Chattanooga on June 5th, there were again ‘3‘ killed and this time 17 injured, as in ‘317.’  317 is the 66th prime number, you know, as in ‘Number of the Beast’ and ‘Mass Shooting.’
This ties into the report of the shooting which allegedly was at 2:42 a.m., like in 2 and (4+2) = 2:6, or two sixes, like 66.

And, as the Philadelphia shooting was staged 64-days before the mayor’s 64th birthday, this shooting in Chattanooga comes 64-days after Mayor Tim Kelly’s 55th birthday. 55 as in ‘The Jesuits’ and ‘Freemasons.’ Also, this happened on June 5, as in 5/6, like ’56,’ the number of The Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order. Just as ‘three’ sums to 56.

Again, as told in the speech by President Biden, they want ‘assault weapons’ off the market.

Chattanooga = 192
Assault Weapons = 192

It allegedly happened at the ‘Chattanooga Bar’ on ‘McCallie Avenue.’

Chattanooga Bar = 126, 54, 54, 252, 81, 756, 1512
McCallie Avenue = 126, 54, 54, 252, 81, 756, 1512

Quite the perfect match. That name on that street is not by accident, that bar was founded by Freemasons, which makes it even easier to stage a shooting.

And, of course, they claim that several of the victims were hit by ‘fleeing cars,’ which is made-up bullsh*t.

Fleeing Cars = 54
Chattanooga Bar = 54
McCallie Avenue = 54

For a full decode of this event, check out JosephAcquaviva2222. There’s no point in me repeating just about the same stuff the he found in his excellent decode.

Again, learn about numerology and gematria, and you will see through all these scripted and staged stories. Spread that knowledge, show the impossible coincidences and wake people up. A higher mass consciousness is the only way to resist and fight their agendas. More people need to say no to their offers and learn how to stand their ground!

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