Tulsa Saint Francis Hospital False Flag Shooting is the US’ 233rd Mass Shooting in 2022 – Updated!

Here we go again with another staged shooting by the police and your government to keep hammering the narrative to strip you of your right to own guns and defend yourself. After almost no shootings at all during the staged and faked pandemic, they are now suddenly back with a vengeance. That all this is planned could not be more obvious, unless you’re a gullible sheep with a peanut brain getting spoon fed your daily dose of propaganda from the media.

So, they want us to believe that the 233rd ‘mass shooting’ in the US this year took place at ‘Saint Francis Hospital’ in Tulsa.

Saint Francis Hospital = 233

Come on, do I even need to go on? This is how silly it is. They are laughing you right in the face!

And remember the false flag at Robb Elementary School on May 24th? It was coded with CIA’s Monarch Butterfly, aka., the MK Ultra Mind Control program.

MK Ultra Mind Control = 233

They just love to connect their false flag events, all the staged crap they take such pride in.

The definition of a “mass shooting” is when they claim that 4 or more people have died. This false flag, according to the headlines, took place on “Tulsa hospital campus,” the choice of words is of utter importance, since its part of the riddle, part of the ritual.

Tulsa Hospital Campus = 233 (again!!)

They have been planning all these false flag shootings for a long time; the exact dates, locations and their order of execution.

And more so…

Tulsa Hospital Campus = 66
Mass Shooting = 66
False Flag = 66

More precisely, the shooting took place in the ‘Natalie Medical Building’ on the St. Francis campus.

Natalie Medical Building = 187, 1122
Society of Jesus = 187, 1122 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

The governor of Oklahoma is the Republican John Kevin Stitt who was born on December 28, and this false flag shooting comes at a span of 22 weeks and 2-days after his last birthday, like ‘222.’

John Kevin Stitt = 222
Saint Francis Hospital = 222

And, of course…
Order Out of Chaos = 222

The shooting on June 1st is also 5 months and 4 days after his birthday, like ’54.’

Tulsa Shooting = 54 & 72 (what the media initially called it)
Jesuit Order = 54 & 72(whom they all serve)

It is also exactly 30 weeks on the day until his next birthday. And the media was very keen on mentioning that the dead shooter had both a ‘rifle’ and a ‘handgun.’

Rifle = 30
Handgun = 30

And the number 30 also line up with the keywords for these staged events.

Police = 30
Murder = 30

June 1st can be written as 6/1, like ’61.’ As the police arrived in minutes to hunt their own crisis actor, it was called ‘active shooter’ scene.

John Kevin Stitt = 61
Active Shooter = 61

When mentioning Tulsa, we do have an historical event that just happened to take place between May 31 and June 1st in 1921, exactly 101-years ago. Yes, the Tulsa race massacre where mobs of residents had been deputized and armed by the police and attacked black residents and destroyed homes and businesses.

Governor Kevin Stitt = 101
St. Francis Hospital = 101
John Kevin Stitt = 101
Boule Society = 101 (the freemasonic order for black people)
Tulsa, Oklahoma = 101

It’s becoming quite clear why they staged this shooting in Tulsa on that day. But even more, this was on a Wednesday and at a hospital.

Wednesday = 100, 37, 46, 44, 600, 32
Hospital = 100, 37, 46, 44, 600, 32

‘Shooting’ also shares 37 and 44 with the above, and also fits with the name of the hospital.

St. Francis = 109, 37
Shooting = 109, 37

Actually, ‘Wednesday,’ ‘Hospital,’ and ‘Shooting,’ all share the number ’44,’ and guess how old the mayor George Theron Bynum IV of Tulsa is? Yes, 44-years-old.

Wednesday = 44 & 37
Hospital = 44 & 37
Shooting = 44 & 37

Mayor George was born on August 28, 1977, and this shooting comes 277-days after his 44th birthday. 277 is the 59th prime number.

Pope Francis = 59

The Jesuit pope with the same name as the Hospital. Actually, it fits even better when looking at the Septenary cipher.

Active Shooter = 59
Francis Hospital = 59

Do you need more proof than this? As always, 99% of all shootings getting big news coverage are fake and done by the numbers by the freemasons within the government and the police.
I might update the article with links to other decodes once my friends and contacts sink their teeth into this staged and fake shooting. They have much more time for this than I do.

Updates, per late June 2 (CET):

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