Staged False Flag Shooting at Maryland Factory Allegedly Leaves 3 Dead and 3 Injured

Another staged and faked shooting just made the headlines, and as in most of them, the number three is shoved in our faces again. Those darn pesky ‘mass shooters’ sure know to restrain themselves to three all the time – and three injured to boot, just like ’33,’ the Freemason’s calling card. Such a coincident, right?

The scripted story states that a 23-year-old man shoot four coworkers – three fatally – at ‘Columbia Machine,’ a manufacturing plant in Maryland on Thursday. According to the police, it happened at 2:30 p.m., as in 23, same as the alleged shooters age. Ah, those coincidences, right?

And let’s not ignore the fact that “Columbia Machine” is ‘33’ in plain sight. C is the third letter and ‘M,’ as in Mason, is a ‘3’ when flipped. So, 3 dead and 3 injured at ‘33’- Columbia Machine. Also, ‘Masonry’ and ‘False Flag’ both reduces to ’33’ in English Full Reduction gematria.

False Flag = 33
Masonry = 33
Police = 33
Federal = 33
Order = 33

So, looking back at the previous false flag shootings as in Uvalde Elementary, the Tulsa Saint Francis Church, the Philadelphia and Chattanooga, we discovered that all of them were coded with keywords related to the CIA. So, what is so important that they need to fabricate a 23-year-old shooter and a shooting at 2:30?

CIA = 23, 23, 23, 23

Ah, of course. The Jesuit controlled CIA, the agency who plan and supervise these false flag shootings that the Freemasonic police carries out.

Well, going back to the importance of ‘three,’ we know that ‘three’ sums to their extremely important ’56,’ the number of ‘Society of Jesus,’ the original name of the Jesuit Order. And we also know that all these staged shootings are tied to either mayors or governors. And the governor of Maryland is Larry Hogan, a name which reduces to ’56,’ and he was of course born in ’56! Another silly coincidence, right?

Three = 56
Staged = 56
Larry Hogan = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56 (3 dead, 3 injured, 33…)
Freemasons = 56 (3 dead, 3 injured, 33…)

Also, look at this wanker’s tweet from July 29, 2021 – hanging out with his Freemason buddies at their lodge.

Larry Hogan = 119, 56, 61, 714
All Seeing Eye = 119, 56, 61, 714

And, as you can see, Larry Hogan was born on May 25, and this false flag shooting comes on June 9, exactly 50 weeks on the day before Larry’s next birthday. This is interesting as we know that the agenda for these staged and fake shootings are ‘gun control,’ and this false flag was staged at ‘Columbia Machine,’ a manufacturing plant in Maryland (which share borders with District of Columbia.)

Gun Control = 50
Columbia = 50
Jesuits = 50
Satanic = 50

Satanic is relevant, since these people are Satanists. And it shows in how they have coded this staged event at ‘Columbia Machine’ using the numbers 66 and 87, that is synonymous with Number of the Beast.

Columbia Machine = 66 & 87
Number of the Beast = 66 & 87
Thirty-Three = 66 (as in the Freemasons, and 3 dead, 3 injured)

And of course…

Mass Shooting = 66
False Flag = 66

And keep in mind, this was on June 9, as in 6/9, like ’69.’

False Flag = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69

And let’s not forget that this alleged shooting took place exactly 201-days after Joe Biden’s birthday on November 20. And again, this was on June 9, as in ’69.’

The Jesuit Order = 69, 201

And Columbia Machine where the shooting took place is located on 129xx Bikle Road, as in 129. 129 is 201 in Octal (8-base counting.)

That is all I have time for, as my previous article on Chickenpox, Measles, and Shingles brought me several client applications and cries for help. And improving the life of people with health problems is more important than lengthy decodings. Still, I will continue to do them, as people need to wake up from the deception and face reality.
And I also just discovered that Joseph, once again, has a great video up decoding this false flag. Check it out below if you want an even deeper understanding of these false flags and rituals.

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