Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is Becoming a Common Thing, Time to Wake Up!

In the past couple of weeks, there have been a lot of headlines with “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” as seemingly healthy people are dropping dead for “unknown reasons.” Well, no one in the history of mankind has dropped dead of “unknown reasons.” That is not how biology nor our physiology works. It is not natural and if you can’t smell the bullshit a mile away, there is something seriously wrong with you, as in full-Stockholm’s Syndrome and retard wrong.

Not even a shitty diet will kill you outright on the spot without making you suffer for a long time through different “diseases.” Even a heart attack shows up post-mortem as a blockage of the heart vessel. But dying of heart failure or something else and with no explanation? That is not natural. It does not happen. The only thing that will kill you on the spot without leaving any obvious clues behind are poisons. You know, like something you get injected with. Like a vaccine.
Actually, that is the only common nominator of what has changed in the past two years. People has been tricked into taking a vaccine for something that does not exist, a vaccine that is either saline water or the real deal – pure poison.

However, the bought and paid faked ‘scientists’ play dumbfounded. They’re too spineless to tell the truth and face the consequences in getting sacked and banned for life. Not that any controlled media channel would let them speak if they ever grew some balls to tell the truth anyways.

Still, they mock your intelligence by calling it “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” and that healthy young people simply fall down and die for no reason.
You people need to stand up and hold governments, politicians, vaccine supporters, and the evil medical establishment responsible. They all need to face court-martial, as this fake pandemic and the vaccines has been a war on the people.

And if we take a look at those who run this “reality show” we call ‘the world’ and how they communicate, fabricate, deceive, and stage everything around us, by using their language of numerology and gematria, it all becomes very obvious.

Who pulls the strings? Yes, the hidden ancient families and their Black Pope with his Jesuit Order. And who does the legwork? Who make sure their staged events work as planned? Yes, the Freemasons. And if people die by their hand, it is called a sacrifice, or blood sacrifice.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome = 96, 114, 372, 129, 2232
Masonic Blood Sacrifice = 96, 114, 372, 129, 2232

And it’s tied to the fake and staged Corona Pandemic, as that psy-op was used to push the depopulation vaccines, the real killer.

SADS = 43, 65
Pandemic = 43, 65

And this silly “SADS” has its Jesuit fingerprints all over it.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome = 129
Blood Ritual = 129 (again, a match with their rituals and sacrifices)

And 129 is 201 in Octal (base 8 counting,) the number of The Jesuit Order.

And the Jesuits worship Saturn, their original Sun God, thus they are a Saturnian Order, which is easily proven by their language of Gematria.

The Jesuit Order = 177, 69, 78, 667, 201, 93, 1062, 1206
Saturnian Order = 177, 69, 78, 667, 201, 93, 1062, 1206

Thus, since the fake pandemic and the vaccines came from the Jesuit Order, everyone who dies of these vaccines is a Sacrifice to Saturn.

Sacrifice to Saturn = 201

And the riddle also contains the agenda of the ‘Mark of the Beast,’ i.e., the ‘Digital-ID’ needed to buy and sell food and goods, first introduced as Vaccine ID’s and passports, and which is now emerging in several countries (Iran just started digital food rationing by biometric IDs.)

Mark of the Beast Vaccine = 201
Killed by Vaccine = 201

And what do we get in the oldest and most pure cipher?

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome = 95
Suddenly and Unexpectedly = 95 (indeed, such pun)

John Davison Rockefeller Sr = 95

John D. Rockefeller funded and took over the fake ‘Modern Medicine’ and pushed the idiotic germ theory who have brought us total misery for 150 years.

US President Donald J Trump = 95

The Jesuit puppet Trump pushed the vaccine through Operation Warp Speed.

Skull and Bones Secret Society = 95

The biggest actors in the U.S. are all members of Skull and Bones, the Freemasonic order of the U.S.

Saturn is the Keeper of Time = 95

Again, the Jesuits worship the Saturn Sun God and ‘Time’ is symbolic for death.

I could go on, but there’s no point. The important thing is to understand that SADS is complete nonsense. It’s an insult to your intelligence. And as such, you should not accept it.

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