Ivana Trump’s Funeral Scripted for the 201st Day of the Year

For my first simple decode of Ivana Trump’s alleged death, just follow this link.
In that decode, we revealed the important Jesuit number of 201, as the media was very careful about telling us that she “fell down stairs” and was found at “bottom of staircase.” Notice that they did not use ‘the’ in any of their wording, as that would not generate the correct numbers for the ritual. And let’s not forget that ‘fell down stairs’ is a perfect match with ‘Jesuit Order,’ as I decoded in the previous article about Ivana’s alleged death. The media also reported that 911 received a call at 12:40 p.m. ET about Ivana. Not that they put the ‘ET’ for eastern time, something they seldom do unless it’s for the coding…

Fell Down Stairs = 201
Bottom of Staircase = 201
12:40 p.m. ET = 201

Her alleged death happened on July 14 and they staged her funeral only 6 days later, on July 20, the 201st day of the year. This is not only significant because of the ‘staircase’ ritual as decoded above, but also consider that Donald Trump was born on June 14, the day of the year leaving 201-days remaining in the year if you count the end date. Actually, the Jesuit number of 201 is a recurring theme with their puppet Donald Trump, a way of showing his allegiance. As I decoded in my article about Ivana’s death, her and Donald’s wedding was at the ‘Marble Collegiate Church’ officiated by ‘Norman Vincent Peale,’ of which both sums to 201 in English Ordinal Gematria. Quite the feat!

Also, their first “son,” Donald Jr., was born on December 31, 1977, the last day of the year, or if you pay attention, exactly 201-days after Donald’s birthday.

The Jesuit Order = 201
The Rays of the Sun = 201 (the Jesuit logo with the ‘IHS’ inscription)
Order of Illuminati = 201 (created by Jesuit priest Weishaupt and key to the birth of Freemasonry)
Ignatius of Loyola = 201 (the founder of the Jesuit Order)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 (our current and first Jesuit Pope)
Domus Sanctae Marthae = 201 (the guest house at the Vatican, where Pope Francis lives in suite 201)

And then we come full circle as Ivana’s funeral was held on July 20, the 201st day of the year. And it was of course held at a Catholic Church, quoted as Donald’s favorite property.

For a deeper and truly excellent decode of Ivana’s funeral, check out Derek’s excellent article below:


Joseph Acquaviva also put up his video decode this morning (Swedish time) with some more gold nuggets, showing how scripted all these events and rituals are.

If you still think that these ‘elitist’ puppets are your “saviors” and not controlled by the hidden hand that rule the world, you need to think again. Think really hard, if you’re capable. Everything they do is ritualistic and coded by the numbers, as many of us has exposed hundreds, and thousands of times. It’s all a stage and the theatre will continue as long as you keep watching and believing in the act, in the deceit.

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