New York Adult “Diagnosed” With Polio – More Virus Programming

If you haven’t researched Polio, it’s a very ugly tale of disinformation, deceit, cover-ups, and maiming vaccine experiments. It’s also a very emotional subject for those who have been indoctrinated with pictures of crippled and disformed children, as well as the terrifying iron lungs.

As for Polio, it seemed to appear abruptly from nowhere in the early 1900’s to become a problem. Unfortunately, this was when Rockefeller had hijacked the medical community and used Pasteur’s germ theory as a way to riches, domination and control. The germ theory is one of the biggest and deadliest frauds in our history, it’s the ludicrous idea that viruses and contagious diseases exist and can make you sick. And these charlatans and murderers told the world that you got Polio from eating or drinking something that was contaminated with feces from a person infected with polio. Again, if the virus lie were true, people would have had battled such “infections” way back before the 1900’s when sanitation and hygiene was way worse. And studies from 1952 showed that human volunteers who consumed milk contaminated with an alleged “isolated” poliovirus had no adverse effects what so ever and stayed perfectly healthy. Now, they never isolated the alleged Poliovirus (no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist,) instead they used tissues and cultures from a sick person. This was almost the same procedure as the previous experiments of contagion in the early 1900’s where the medical establishment failed to make people sick by exposing them to other people who were severely sick with the flu.

Polio, like most “diseases,” may be conditional on various factors. As mentioned, it appeared in the early 19th century and cases escalated in the west just as industrialization took off, all while in developing countries there were not a single case to be seen anywhere. Some studies showed that babies being breast fed where ‘immune,’ while those poor children fed the newly invented ‘baby/infant formula’ void of nutrition and full of chemicals got sick as they got both poisoned and malnourished at the same time, and could not detox properly due to nutrition deficiencies. However, the biggest contributing factor was the invention of lead-based pesticides and DDT which was adopted in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s; and the fact that several countries had their first cases of ‘Polio’ just years after adopting these pesticides, insecticides and other similar and extremely toxic sprays of chemicals (water with lead, kerosene, soap and arsenic) speaks for itself.

And yes, the so-called “epidemic” of Polio occurred immediately following an unprecedented burst of pesticide and insecticide innovations – not only to be used on crops, but also to be sprayed everywhere in society where the Rockefeller germ theory induced hysteria of fear of lice, fleas, viruses and diseases lurked, such as schools, bath houses, and so on.
Keep in mind that people actually believed that lice and fleas could carry diseases such as typhus, malaria, and yellow fever. All nonsense of course.

And as for Polio, it almost vanished on its own in 1948 when the use of lead arsenate in spraying food crops was replaced by DDT. However, that drop was short-lived as DDT levels quickly built up instead and DDT showed to be even more toxic than lead. Thus, Polio spiked again in late 1949 and raised 80% above previous rates of cases. Again, DDT was not only used on crops, people were spraying it everywhere, on their water supplies, in their gardens, on their children, and so on – firm in their belief that it would kill all those pesky bugs and germs, which actually are essential to good health and life.

In other words, you do not have to be a genius to understand that Polio was simply a case of poisoning of the nervous system, and small children with nutrition deficiencies hindering their natural detoxification processes were particularly vulnerable. And as for Polio, it was rebranded to “Guillain-Barré Syndrome,” a rapid-onset muscle weakness, and to “Transverse Myelitis,” the inflammation of the spinal cord. Both of those, and a few others like “Multiple Sclerosis,” are all caused by poisoning of ‘grey matter,’ just as Polio.

This was a brilliant move as they could credit the toxic and maiming vaccines for eradicating Polio while hiding all the side-effects of the vaccines and new poisoning cases under newly discovered ‘diseases.’ Again, none of these diseases exists, they are only names for the symptoms of poisoning of ‘grey matter’ (as in the brain stem and spinal cord.)

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And, as for this alleged case in New York, it’s totally fake and simply fear mongering and programming for the virus lie as they are preparing the second pandemic. The more weird and fake virus cases spewed out by the media, the more dulled the senses of the public becomes and the easier to deceive them with more fake and staged pandemics. The same goes for vaccines, as this story will be used to push these dangerous and deadly shots. And the fact that this polio case has been fabricated is easily proven by their language of gematria and how extremely coded and scripted the story is. It’s ridiculous!

They say that a ‘person’ from Rockland County, New York, has been diagnosed with Polio. This is from July 21, the 202nd day of the year.
Rockland County = 202

Not to mention that ‘Rockland County,’ just like ‘New York,’ and their governor Kathy Hochul equals ‘666.’ The Number of the Beast that has been used in almost every Covid and Vaccine story since the start of the hoax in 2020.

For a full breakdown of this ‘first case of Polio in a decade’ hoax, check out Joseph Acquaviva’s video below.

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