Gematria - 74

Gematria – why it is so important!

To understand the enormous importance of Gematria amongst the “elite” or more correctly the “secret societies”, or “the cabal”, you need to understand history, mysticism/the occult and religion. The core belief among all the cabals is that God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.
This knowledge is expressed in the Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah, or in English, in The Book of Formation. It states that God created his universe by three forms of expression: Numbers, Letters and Words.

In Kabbalah, the practice of coding numbers into words is known as Gematria, meaning ‘geometry in language.’ Gematria is very popular in Hebrew studies, and in Ancient Greek studies, where it is known as isopsephy. I other words, Gematria has been with us for as long as there has been man-made language.

Gematria has many ciphers depending on language and mathematic methods. The most commonly used, especially for English, are the English Ordinal, Full Reduction, Reverse Ordinal, and Reverse Full Ordinal. At times the Septenary and Chaldean or the Sumerian types can be used, or even the Jewish and Kabbalah. But with the four standard ciphers, you will probably catch 90% or more of all Gematria coding, especially if the text is in English. The most important thing to understand is that English originally had the letters A to Z (with J, U and W missing)) and an additional 5 glyphs – all in all 28 characters where they borrowed from Latin.

However, during the 16th century, at the same time the Gregorian Calendar was introduced, in October of 1582, the English alphabet was changed to the 26 letters we know today. This change also meant that the English language was re-written and coded with Gematria. The English Language and the Gregorian Calendar are perfectly in tune with one another.

Using Gematria is not only a way they communicate, it’s also very ritualistic as they see the world as coded in numbers, letters, and the word. They are obsessed with numbers and rituals. For them, this is the magic that creates reality. They control the media and this is why they code most news stories, events, deaths of celebrities, and so on with both names, places, dates and the year, including days spanning between days and/or the start or end of the year. This goes back throughout our history, it’s an ancient practice, and there are a ton of reading material and studies for those who want a deeper understanding of Gematria in older books and documents. Keep in mind that it also involves various methods of analysis by which the mystical purposes of the Scriptures, buildings, and objects may be determined. It’s also used, within these societies, to ascertain the secret, ineffable, and indescribably powerful names of God. In short, Gematria is about pairing words, names, dates and such together that have matching numerical values and logical relationships.

Note: the first picture at the top shows the relationships of the very important number 74. The relevance of 74 can be understood by observing a Jewish rule about writing the name of God, a name that is best written G-d as a form of respect. You’ll notice G is the 7th letter, and D is the 4th, thus G-d can be written as 74.

Note that Masonic equals 74, 29, 115, and 43, that’s 3 out of 4 for Lucifer and 4 out of 4 for Messiah. Occult” equals 74, 20, 88, and 34. “Killing” equals 74, 38, 115 and 43, an exact match of Lucifer (as in ritual killings), and 3 out of 4 for Masonic.
“Code of God” equals 74, 47, 169, and 34. 74 and 47 are reflections of each other.

Another good example is that God sums to 26, so does YHWH (in Hebrew and English), so does Adonai (God in Old Testament meaning “My Lord”), so does Babylon, so does Thoth, so does Greek (who wrote New Testament that is 260-chapters (26)), so does Zeus (Greek God), so does Apollo (son of Zeus), so does Emanuel (Christian name for Jesus), so does Abraham (Patriarch of Abrahamic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam), so does Joseph, so does letter (26-letters in the English alphabet), so does spell (what we do to create words, or cast magic), so does read (we read letters), so does Torah (the first five books of the Bible given to humanity 26-generations from creation), so does count (Kabbalists count the numerical values of the letters, words and verses of the Torah), so does add up, and so does Adam, where Adam is the name of the first man who is created in the 26th verse of the Torah, in the image of the Gods- and yes, the word image also sums to 26. And on it goes. Genesis 1:26, creation of man. Humans have 206 bones (26, as you can remove the zero.)

Here below are some very good illustrations of mirroring numbers, often used by Freemasons. Could also be described as opposing frequencies – words that are coded with a mirrored number usually have an opposite meaning. And Freemasons often use the God-number 74 and link it to it’s opposite, 47.

Here’s a very simple and good example of relationships within Gematria – only looking at the four standard English ciphers.

The triangle and the pyramid are both symbols, so they share a match with ‘symbol’, showing that they are part of that ‘family’ or ‘realm.’

The triangle and the pyramid are similar constructs of similar shapes and meaning, so they share matches in two ciphers, showing a stronger connection.

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