Gematria and Numerology is Undeniable – Only a Fool Ignore What is Completely Obvious

In March of 2021, I wrote an article explaining why Gematria is extremely important if you want to see through all the lies and deceit and decode everything that happens on the world stage. That article has been shared and used by other freethinkers and truth-seekers to explain the importance of letters and numbers to their followers. You can read that article here, as it is a good start for a solid foundation of understanding to build upon of this ancient craft.

Gematria – why it is so important!

Also check my article about how the Media and the News control you, which also have a little insight on my background as former editor-in-chief, writer and author.

A quick look at the Media and the News – How They are Controlling You!

Although we are many who post decodes pretty much daily to expose the lies and deceit, still, a lot of people, including those claiming to be ‘awake’ or being ‘truth-seekers,’ remain ignorant of this practice that is used by all secret societies and all media, including news-broadcasts, advertising, sports and entertainment such as TV, movies, and music. Some of the most ignorant ones even ridicule this knowledge; although it’s mostly controlled opposition and paid shills who go that route (as that is their mission, to hide the truth.)
My advice is to be very vigilant of anyone who claim to expose the world stage but refrain from talking about the most important tool of all – gematria. They are either too stupid to be worthy of your time, or they are controlled opposition, aka., gatekeepers, paid by the enemy.

What many fail to understand is that the core belief among the hidden hand that rule the world, the Saturn Cult (the elite families,) and their secret societies such as the Jesuit Order and the Freemasons, is that God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word. This knowledge is expressed in the Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah, or in English; in The Book of Formation. It states that God created his universe by three forms of expression: Numbers, Letters and Words. In Kabbalah, the practice of coding numbers into words is known as Gematria, meaning ‘geometry in language.’
For them, this is a very ritualistic practice and the way they believe they can recreate the world and ‘our reality’ in their own image, as they’re worshipping Saturn, the Black Sun, the False Light, as in Satan, and thus they think they can do it the same way God created the world in the first place. This is a way for them to “hack” the Matrix, to bring their fiction into reality — or so they believe. This also goes back to the fact that everything in nature, as all in creation, can be broken down in mathematics, into numbers.

For further reading check my archive about gematria here:

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