The Different Ciphers and How and When They are Used – Part 1: the Sumerian and the Satanic Gematria Ciphers

First, if you haven’t read my simple introduction to the four common English ciphers, please do so. These are the most commonly used, especially in news stories and other published texts by the media and big corporations.

Gematria – The Four English Ciphers

During the 16th century, at the same time the Gregorian Calendar was introduced, in October of 1582, the English alphabet was changed to the 26 letters we know today and the English language was re-written and coded with the se four ciphers. The English Language and the Gregorian Calendar are perfectly in tune with one another.

With these four ciphers, you will be able to recognize most codes and riddles used in our scripted reality. The other ‘complimentary’ ciphers will add upon this knowledge and allow you to dig deeper and find more hidden information and revelations depending on the type of story and agenda you are uncovering.

Although different ciphers are used for different purposes, most news stories use several ciphers, simply to get more ‘word magic’ into their fabricated lies, which will make them more real for the sleeping masses consuming them. Please read my old articles “Gematria – why it is so important” and “How they manage to code everything with Gematria – and questions about ‘good’ or ‘evil’ numbers,” to get a basic understanding of why and how they do this.

Sumerian and Reverse Sumerian

These two ciphers relate to the English ‘Ordinal’ and ‘Reverse Ordinal’ ciphers. They do this by simply multiplying each letters value by 6. A = (1×6) = 6, B = (2×6) = 12, and so on. While Reverse Sumerian does exactly the same, but with the alphabet in reverse where A, now the 26th letter, is (26×6) = 156, B = (25×6) = 150, and so on down to Z that now is 6.

The interesting thing with the Sumerian ciphers is of course the ‘6’ being used as a multiplier – as in 666, the Number of the Beast. Because of this, satanic occult orders like to use Sumerian in a lot of their works. In Sumerian, ‘G,’ the symbol in Freemasonry, becomes 42, same as Freemason is 42 in the English Full Reduction cipher. We have the Freemason George Washington who had ‘Washington State,’ the 42nd state, named in his honor. And in Sumerian, D.C. (24+18) sums to 42.

Also, to tie back to 666, the letter ‘X’ is 144 in Sumerian. X is ‘6’ in Full Reduction, where ‘XXX’ is used to symbolize ‘666.’ As for 144, when you add up all the first 144 decimal points of Pi, it totals to 666. Also, think of Revelation where the Beast is mentioned and the number 144,000 is also referenced (as in the 12 Tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles, 12 x 12 = 144 – and the 144,000 children of Israel.)

Another interesting observation about the Sumerian cipher is that any word that sums to ‘111’ in English Ordinal will have a Sumerian gematria of ‘666.’
While ‘101’ symbolizes ‘the narrow gate,’ 111 symbolizes it closed, as in no entry, you’re going to hell. And if we look, for example, at the staged September 11 attack, that happened on a date that leaves 111-days remaining in the year.
And as for some words that sums to 111 and thus 666 in Sumerian are; Corrupt, Dollar Sign, Pizzagate, Kissinger, Witchcraft, and Vaccination.

In other words, the Sumerian ciphers are sometimes used in satanic rituals such as assassinations and sport stories, as well as sport results. And that takes us to the Satanic cipher, which is all about 666.

Satanic Gematria

The Satanic cipher pays tribute to 666, the Number of the Beast. Satanic Gematria is similar to the Ordinal Gematria, but instead of starting with A being 1 and counting up to 26, you begin with A being 36 and count up to 61. A = 36, B = 37, and so on to Z = 61.

And again, like in the Sumerian cipher, the Freemasonic symbol and letter ‘G’ is ’42.’ And if you write ‘Satanic Gematria’ using the Satanic Gematria cipher, it sums to ‘666.’ Now, ‘666’ is the 36th triangular number, which means that if you add all numbers between 1 and 36, you get ‘666.’ And in Satanic Gematria, you start with A being 36. And Z has the value of 61, which is the 18th prime number. 18 symbolizes ‘666,’ as 6+6+6 is 18. Pretty clever, uh?
Also, the phrase ‘First Five Books’ sums to ‘666,’ which is a reference to the Torah, where the Kabbalah code originates. And this might very well be why English was reconstructed with 26 letters – to make this possible.

With that being said, the Satanic Gematria cipher is seldomly used in stories, unless it represents a very satanic ritual, or perhaps a text or press release for something that pay tribute to Satan or the Beast, as we have seen with some music artists and clothing lines.

In the next part we will look at Francis Bacon, Franc Baconis and Jewish Gematria.

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