Gematrinator is Now a Subscription Service

Gematrinator, the best one-stop-website for decoding gematria, has been scaled down and the full-site is now a subscription service. The free version is a lot more awkward than the previous free one. The choice of font is awful. The Francis Bacon/Baconis ciphers has been renamed to “capitals added” and “capitals mixed.” The Kabbalah, and the Jewish Ordinal and Reduction ciphers are for subscription members only. And subscriptions run from $4.44, like 444…

Gematria = 444
Masonic = 444
Occult = 444
Took The Mark = 444

Next level is called Enthusiast for $9.05/month, as in the Jesuit 95, as the Jesuits were recognized by Rome on the day leaving 95-days in the year and they were founded to counter Martin Luther’s 95 theses.

And the top level is called Mystic for $15.50/month, like 155…

Freemasons = 155
Great Seal = 155
Masonic Ritual = 155

Perhaps he’s just having fun with the prices, poking at the hidden hand that rules, but it’s not really the right place. Also, I understand that the service is popular and cost a lot to run, but these fees are ridiculously high. And again, they seem very coded, which unfortunately gives the vibe that he sold out to be a Masonic shill. And that is what most people in the community will think. It’s already all over social media…

With that being said. It’s still the best option out there for decoding and it works fine without any memberships, or even with the free one. If the pricing were more like $2, $4 and $8 I could see the value and also subscribing to support the service. But as it looks now with the pricing, and how awkward it is, I cannot.

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