Sweden to train Covid-Dogs. They are mocking you, little sheep!

“A company in Uppsala will train Sweden’s first covid-19 dogs…”

How stupid do you have to be to believe this nonsense? Seriously!
This is an extra level of pure mental illness! How can this even get funded? That company should be shut down and the owners should be tarred and feathered and walk a mile of shame. Heck, stone them while your at it – as we should do with every government.

Viruses has never been isolated or proven to exist. They cannot transmit disease. They are rest products produced by your body when fighting illness and cleaning itself. And even, with our most vivid imagination in la-la-land, if there would be a magical virus, a dog would never be able to smell it. Dogs whoever, can easily smell and confirm if someone is poisoned and therefore sick, but that’s another story.

Jeez. Dogs trained to sniff out imaginary viruses. Wake up people! They are MOCKING YOU while taking your taxes to fund stupid shit like this.

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