Worse Side-Effects after Vaccination if you already have had the imaginary Covid-19 – and why are elderly dying?

Oh, you don’t say!
“Worse side-effects from the vaccine for those who have had CONAIDS-1984”.

First, there is no virus! No virus has ever been isolated, proven to exist or capable of transmitting disease. It’s all a big scam!
Now, the flu or the Corona Covid-19 that they’ve renamed it to, is simply a normal cleansing procedure by your body once you have accumulated too much toxins and crap that is hurting your body. This detoxifying and cleaning process is triggered by temperature changes (seasons) or by other people starting their cleansing cycle. All this is very well documented and easy to prove, but can give the illusion of a contagion if you’re a bit dumbed down or forgot how to think and reason.

Well, after you have recovered from this detoxification phase, your body is still weakened, especially if your diet is crap. If you then were to be injected with pure deadly poison (aka a vaccine), what do you think will happen? Of course, the side-effects will be worse than when a healthy person receives the same poison.
Wow. The ignorance. The sheer stupidity. Where did logic and reasoning go?

Addition – deaths close after receiving the vaccine:

There are no viruses that can be transmitted and cause disease. It does not exist! There is nothing in nature that can infect and make you sick with a single specific disease.
You get sick from toxins, stress, heavy metals, radiation, nutritional deficiencies, mental trauma, fear, anger, and so on. Vaccine contains a lot of toxins. If you already have accumulations, mainly of the same or similar toxins in your body, you will start a detoxification process fairly immediately after being injected and thus become very ill. If you have a lot of toxins in your body and if you suffer from nutritional deficiencies (bad/poor diet), your natural daily detoxification process has been hampered and your levels of toxins might already be critically high. And with nutrition deficiencies, your body cannot heal! If injected with a vaccine, there is no way a weakened or sickly body can fight it off, and the outcome will be fatal. This is why we see a higher rate of death among the elderly from vaccines – vaccines that are totally useless and serve no purpose, no more than either killing you or making you sick and dependent on other drugs and the beast system.

Addition – risks for healthy people:

With any regular vaccine in the past, the risks have been pretty much any illness known to man, including death. In other words, you have to be a moron to take any kind of vaccine – as they are ALL useless, but very dangerous (as no virus exist).
This new CONAIDS-1984 vaccine is NOT a regular vaccine. It’s an experimental mRNA altering drug with an “emergency release” clause. Nobody actually knows what it does. One thing is sure though, it will f**k you up! It will alter your physiology in some way – and if you like to grasp at straws, that would make you transhuman – a hybrid, void of human rights.
As I said before, I would never in my life touch that mass-murder vaccine stuff. I would not let any loved one get injected. I would fight to my last drop of blood to protect them from this. Anyone with a brain, a spine (and/or a pair of balls) would do the same.

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