The Fake Pandemic: If you run a business, this is how you do it.

The “vaccines” are only ‘approved’ for emergency use. Actually, they are not vaccines at all, they are experimental medical procedures. None of them has been tested on human – only on animals, and they all died. The human trials are ongoing (to 2023) and of course they can skew the numbers any way the like. And even worse, the pharmaceutical companies have been released of any liability. You can not sue them for side-effects or even death.

This is why no insurance company want to touch this mess, as they would have to take everything out of their own pocket. They can’t get anything from Big Pharma or the evil governments. They would be ruined if they had to pay out insurances to all the victims of the deadly vaccines – and there are already hundreds of thousands dead.

So, as a business owner, you do not want vaccinated employees that can get severely ill at any moment or even die on the spot. Or, if you play along with the fake germ theory, they could be super-spreaders of the imaginary virus – infecting a lot of people. That would cost you a fortune.
Same with clients, they would pose a real risk, especially with their insurance policy being extremely vague. In other words, we need to say no to all the sheeple who have taken the deadly jab. They pose a huge risk for everyone. Actually, they are now transhuman and have lost their human rights. Anyone vaccinated are property of the pharmaceutical company behind the mRNA technology. So, if you run a business, stay away from anyone vaccinated!

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