5G – “new” technology or a psy-op?

My feeling has always been that “5G” is a psychological operation (psy-op). The Parasites, aka., the ‘Elite’, do not want faster communications for the slave masses. They actually want to slow it down, and Internet will soon be under attack; as I wrote in my post about the upcoming simulation “Cyber Polygon 2021” on “Cyber Plandemics” by the goons at The World Economic Forum – the same evildoers that gave us ‘Event 201’ a few months before they executed their C0Nrona scamdemic – Revelation of the Method.

Actually, the military experimented with the frequencies said to be “5G” over 40 years ago. The technology has been in use for ages. Most “cell towers” are not for cellular or internet communication at all. These towers are EMF transmitters, they are military weapons, emitting frequencies in the range of that of the human brain. This is easy to test. Do you get a better signal if you stand near a cell tower? Nope, but your EMF MAG meter will max out.

All you need for cell communication and internet are a few emitters and then antennas that works as repeaters (strengthening the signal). You can actually build one yourself with just leaning several tree branches against a tree in a triangular fashion like a tepee. The cellulose and water content will act like an antenna and strengthen the signal. Put your mobile phone close to it, and you will get full reception. If you have a yard with bad Wi-Fi reception, build a tree-tepee and you will have full reception sitting next to it. Isn’t nature cool, or what?

Most of our wireless communication today comes from hundreds of feet tall “radio towers” and by bouncing their signals between these repeaters and against the sky. This is one of the main reasons for military planes and drones spraying the sky, as barium is highly conductive. “Chemtrails” are simply “antenna spray”. They have actually used spray as antennas on thin, flexible and transparent devices for a long time. For example, in 2011, they mixed carbon or nitrogen with a metal carbide powder to create an alternative to graphene. That antennae spray was named MXene. And, there are rumors that there is graphene in the vaccines. In other words, any kind of nano-technology in the vaccine can use graphene to build antennas, to communicate. This also means that any kind of Covid-ID, passport or bracelet is for show only, to keep your subconscious in a state of enslavement, that you feel like a property, not a human being. Because, they will be able to scan you through every surveillance system there is to see if you have actually taken the vaccine or not. With the vaccine, you will be transhuman, no longer a real human being, and if it contains graphene oxide, they will be able to tell by scanning you. So, you might get away with getting a doctor to sign you off as vaccinated if you live in a small city or a village, but in the big cities, or if you need to travel, with their surveillance and 5G/base stations, they will have you tracked. Ok, enough with that, back to the subject at hand.

But the majority of our communication is by underground cables. The capacity is more than enough, even if we would double the world population. “5G” is simply a psy-op to convince you otherwise, that we get more speed and better technology. It’s also the perfect excuse to build more base stations and cell towers – as they have to slowly make you get used to the idea of more and more towers and base stations. That is why they pretend that new technology is being introduced in certain calculated intervals – to slowly make it ‘normal’ with these ugly killing-devices on almost every building.
Another thing is that these towers are most likely collecting electricity, just like the ‘Tesla coils’. We know that there is an abundance of free energy, atmospheric energy. The ability to emit certain frequencies can be switched off or on depending on location. If you take readings close to certain governments buildings, the radiation readings are usually low, even where these towers are present. So, they must have several uses, like collecting free energy.

Everyone should know by now that all kind of radiation is very damaging to our health. As mentioned earlier, most towers are bioweapons. They are in place to subdue the population. To keep us under constant attack. To keep us tired and easier to control. The new ones called “5G” also has tracking and surveillance capabilities.
All these new ‘base stations’ can also be used for crowd control. If people riot against their suppressors, the police and military can simply surround them, cutting off exits, and then they turn up the juice on all base stations in that area. People will get disorientated, get severe headaches, lose their sense of balance and might even get trouble breathing. This is what the military has been using EMF frequencies for in testing and in battle for decades.

At this stage, I believe “5G” to be a psy-op, a smokescreen. But in reality, it doesn’t matter since all these base stations, new and old, are bioweapons. They need to be banned, removed and destroyed.
To stay as safe as possible, get an EMF-meter and check all places you spend a lot of time in. I check my home at regular intervals, and I’ve also measured the radiation from these base stations and towers. Some apartment buildings have these on them, and just walking close to that building maxes my meter out. Just imagine living in the apartments next to those devices. No wonder people are getting sick more often and for longer periods of time. Especially during our natural cleaning cycles that they call “the flu” or nowadays, ‘C0Nvid-1984’. If you’re exposed to a lot of radiation, going through a cleansing cycle (flu/CONvid) can be tough and take weeks, or even months if your nutritional status is poor.

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