Comeback for COVAIDS-1984? Europe and U.S. Hints of New Fakery

All since they switched the script at the start of, ‘The Year of the Tiger,’ in February with the silly staged and fake CGI-war in Ukraine, poor little covaids-1984 has been put on the back burner. Instead, we had some over-the-top juvenile attempts to keep the programming of invisible contagious boogeymen alive by the reintroduction of Monkeypox and even Polio. However, those attempts were so half-hearted that they simply dissolved like a fart in the wind. Most of the dumbed down zombies were still into covid and too worried about the cost-of-living surging to notice those attempts, so they never caught on.

However, if you’ve taken notice to the headlines in the fake mainstream media, there has been some new buzz about poor little covid as of late. Winter is coming, and that means temperature changes which activates our natural detoxification system; hence a lot of people will experience detox symptoms that pseudo-science once labeled as ‘the common cold’ or ‘the flu,’ or as of 2020, anything detox-related is simply COVAIDS-1984. Also, we do have a lot of trauma-based conflicts being resolved around Christmas, making for a lot of symptoms from recovery to appear during these holidays and the New Year. I covered all this here:

If you got “sick” during the holidays, here’s what you REALLY need to know

So, of course, this is the perfect time to program the dumbed down masses of a new emerging wave of fake covaids1984 as people will have symptoms anyway, believing that they are sick when they are actually detoxing and healing.

At the same time, on October 7, CNN ran with a big featured article claiming that, “Updated Covid-19 boosters are ‘most important thing’ Americans can do for their health today.”

That has to be one of the biggest and most evil lies this year. Keep in mind that any kind of vaccination, if you get the real shot and not a saline/salt water substitute, is an irreversible act. For more information on the harmful and deadly effects of the covid-19 vaccine, read this report by The German Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis:

Also, on October 7, CNBC ran with an article featuring the soon to be retired asshat “Dr.” Fauci, who claimed that, “A new, more dangerous Covid variant could emerge this winter.”

Yes, as you can see, the programming is back in full swing. Do not buy into it, keep yourself and those around you informed. Do not take the beast-shot, the covid-19 vaccine.

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