Texas Opening Up… Speculation and food for thought

I see a lot of people cheering the fact that Texas and several other states are “opening up”, removing CONAIDS-1984 restrictions. All these states are also the ones with the highest vaccination rates. This is good for them, lying and brainwashing you into believing that vaccines work. What worries me was the wording of the original statement, that they open up the states on the belief that people can take “responsibility” and still use deadly face diapers and unnatural social distancing when appropriate. This make me think that this is all a psy-op.

Anyone who done a few hours of research knows that this pandemic is a scam. We know that viruses do not exist and cannot transmit disease. We know that vaccines are only meant to make the medical corporations tons of money and to hurt, maim and kill people, making us more dependent on the medical establishment and the system. We know that the CONAIDS-1984 vaccines are a part of the depopulation agenda, they are the silent weapons of mass destruction. And we know Deagel’s population forecast for 2025 shows a population decrease for the US of 70%!

So, what might happen is that people will start to die from the vaccinations, especially after the second, third and fourth shot. They will of course blame this on the imaginary virus mutating into a new “variant”, and at the same time make an example of these states that people CANNOT take responsibility as the “virus infection rates” escalated and that we all need to be governed even more tightly. This will also give them an excuse to do “booster” shots and more vaccines – making sure more people die, while making huge profits (not that they need to, as they have everything they need at their disposal).

You see, opening these states could be a good thing that get people thinking, but it might also be a trojan horse – a way to cripple us even more, make even more fascist laws and even change the constitution – because all these states “failed” and millions died… Just food for thought.
It’s also psychological, as you get a “taste” of freedom again. And then, BAM! A new strain/variant and new lockdowns, making those weak in spirit more willing to take the vaccines just to be able to taste that “freedom” again…

I was right about John Hopkins University’s Clade X simulation in 2019 and Bill Gates’, Johns Hopkins’, and the World Economic Forum’s “Event 201” in October 18, 2019 and that they would use a fake virus pandemic as the next psy-op to further agenda 2030. I really hope I’m wrong about this one. But my warning-bells are ringing.

Anyone else pondered this scenario?

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