Stupid PLANdemic Restrictions. Wake Up Sheep!

Om du bott i en storstad det senaste året, trängts vid tunnelbanor, spårvagnar, pendeltåg, bussar, i gallerior, på stationer, i varuhus och så vidare och du fortfarande tror att det finns virus som smittar tillhör du nog den delen av samhället som är extremt lättlurad och saknar minsta förmåga att ifrågasätta och tänka på egen hand.

“If you’ve lived in a big city in the past year, been in crowded subways, in trams, in commuter trains, in buses, in malls, at stations, in department stores and so on and you still think that there are viruses that are contagious, you probably belong to the part of society that is extremely gullible and lacks the slightest ability to question and think for himself.”

And remember, there are no laws about this scamdemic, since it’s never been proven to exist. Trying to make you do anything is in violation of the Nuremberg code and the international UN treaty on human rights. Everything the government and fake authorities are spewing out is only an offer. It’s up to you if you’re stupid and agree (like signing a contract and you now agree to their fake laws) or if you have a brain and a backbone and stay your ground and say NO!

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