There is NO Science behind Viruses

This is extremely important. There is NO science behind viruses.
Look into any book or paper on virology and you’ll see it’s all ‘make believe’, it’s a scam. The current false pseudo-scientific thinking is that doctors and people in general try to explain every case of sickness and death by the same cause – some kind of virus or germ. This ignorance and erroneous thinking are a result of the false germ theory that dictate one germ one illness. There are no viruses and you cannot get sick or infected by germs (unless you get overwhelmed by them or get in contact with a new bacterial strain you never encountered before).

Instead of taking this debunked route of pseudo-science, we need to acknowledge all various factors behind illness and death and treat each individual as an individual. These factors that contribute to illness are nutrition deficiencies and poisoning (from defense chemicals in plant foods, GMO, carbohydrates, fiber, etc.), chemicals, toxins, medicines, vaccines, pollution, stress, beliefs and thoughts (especially fear and anger), lack of sleep, radiation (EMF, Electric, etc.), lack of sunshine and other environmental factors. And illness can be contributed by one or several of these factors, which in turn will give you different symptoms.
Also note that chemicals and toxins can accumulate at different places in the body, causing different kind of “diseases”.

You can’t possibly know that particle X is responsible for anything in a cell culture unless you have first proven that X exist BEFORE the experiment with the cell culture. To make an analogy, you cannot know that Mr Smith is responsible for anything unless there is actual evidence of him existing BEFORE anything happened. So taking an impure sample from a patient and putting it into a cell culture along with toxic agents where you starve the cells of nutrients where you look for the death of the cells is not evidence of particle X existing BEFORE the experiment or that particle X is responsible for anything regardless of the result of the experiment.

To make another analogy. It’s like you put a group of people in a group of cows and monkeys and then bomb the place and blame the death of monkeys on Mr Smith which you never proved to exist BEFORE you did all this.

Now even IF they would have proved that particle X exist BEFORE the experiment with the cell culture it is still not scientific because a cell culture with toxic agents where you starve the cells of nutrients is not an accurate reflection of what is going on in our bodies. Last time I checked we humans did not have antibiotics, antifungals with monkey kidney cells and fetal bovine serum floating around in our bodies where we also intentionally starve ourselves.

I am not claiming that people do not fall ill and even die, I am just addressing the CAUSE and NOT the effect. Obviously people are falling ill and dying, that is nothing new and happens everyday.

“Virologists” by Dr Stefan Lanka

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