Stop falling for this!

Please! Stop falling for their Psy-Ops! Stop supporting their Controlled Opposition!

I still see multiple posts every day on social media pushing obvious psychological operations and fake information from controlled opposition.

Stop sharing and writing about complete bullocks like:

  • “99.8 chance that you will” memes
  • Ivermectin (deadly poison)
  • Hydroxychloroquine (deadly poison)
  • Shedding of Spike Proteins
  • Wuhan Lab Leak
  • Manufactured viruses / bioweapons

Or simply anything that suggest that people can infect each other with disease, which is biologically impossible.

Every time you share or write about this, you bury the real truth, and you play right into the hand of the Cabals, the Controlled Opposition, the Disinformation Agents, and their Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050 – their goal of a One World Government – a New World Order.

You need to understand that not one single virus has ever been isolated, defined, proven to exist outside of a living organism, or be able to transmit disease. There is no contagion in nature! People cannot infect each other. That is the LIE of the century! Nature does not work that way, and if it were possible, humanity would be long gone. Not to mention that people who work with people would be sick all the time and/or dead, like nurses, doctors, drug store personnel, taxi drivers, teachers, and so on. This is common sense. And anyone searching for the truth should be aware of this by now. If not, you better wise up.

All viruses are simply ‘in silico science’, that is, they are made-up theoretical models. Back in the day, they were drawings, now they are computer models. As for Covid-19, it’s simply a silly computer-generated model with no basis in reality. If you do not understand this simple concept, you have a lot of studying to do. They have never been able to isolate a virus, since it does not exist. Heck, even the procedure to take electron microscope images of any biological matter, such as cells are invalid, a pseudoscience. Nothing can be viewed in a microscope whilst alive, it has to be dead! In order to view a cell, they slice the tissue, add solvents, add heavy metals, freeze it, dry it (so the vacuum in the microscope doesn’t evaporate it) and then use extreme light to look at it. The beam of an electron microscope will generate a temperature of the sample up to 150°C (302F)! Do you really believe the cell in such a pile of toxic environment and after that treatment will look the same as when it was living and part of a tissue? Of course not! They know this, and every book ever describing a “cell”, its parts and function, is simply speculation and theories from such distorted images.
The procedure of isolating a “virus” is way, way, worse and even much more unscientific. They take a sample where they assume there is a virus present and they cannot verify this, it’s pure assumption. They do a cell culture with adding various foreign genetic material, toxic agents, and where they starve the cells in order to prove that a “virus” exists despite the fact that cells would get damaged and die in such an environment no matter if there was an imaginary boogeyman or not. And then they take this mixture of dead cells and debris and put it under an electron microscope and perhaps they see some debris that is not present in other cultures, and they say that is the virus, the reason for the cells dying. It’s pseudoscience at its worst!

The Terrain Theory, German New Medicine, Biology, Microbiology and simple common sense all refute this fraudulent Germ Theory and Virology.
And, if you see yourself as a seeker, a truther, as enlightened, as spiritual or whatever, you should know that The Germ Theory put forth by Louis Pasteur was sponsored by the Rockefellers who then proceeded to found modern western medicine and pharmacology upon this faulty and debunked theory. Pasteur even recanted his theory, but it was too late. Rockefeller saw an enormous potential in these invisible enemies that could only be fought by poisons (medicines/drugs.) Yes, Rockefeller, one of the 13 ancient Babylonian bloodlines that rule this world through their secret societies. That alone should tell you what this is all about – fear, profit, deceit, and control. Yet diet-woke people cling to this lie and believe these boogey men are real and that they can be manufactured in a lab. Wake up!

And this brings us to the alternative treatments – treatments for something that does not exist. Yes, if you understand that any “sickness” is simply symptoms from a toxic and poisoned body, and not from a imaginary disease, then you also understand that there is no drug or cure. Your body will handle it if you let it. So, stop supporting these Psy-ops from controlled opposition about Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. There is no virus, so there is no treatment. We get sick when we need to detoxify or when we heal from mental trauma or any kind of injury (links below.) And since viruses and contagions are an impossibility in nature, there are no manufactured viruses or bioweapons, no “lab leak” and no “shedding.” This should not even have to be explained. Common sense people!
They play both sides only to keep the lie about viruses alive and to fool you into poison yourself. Do not help them!

As long as any of us acknowledge this lie about viruses or a contagion, we will be slaves under their thumb. It does not matter if we prove that the current vaccines are made for the depopulation agenda and are the real killer. They will stage a trial with some of their actors and then continue with lies and fabrications of new virus variants or even bioweapons – the perfect excuse to stage a war with China and create even more chaos; chaos that leads to more control and their sense of order. Ordo ab Chao – out of chaos, order.

As long as we play into their hands and don’t expose the real lie, they will continue with their plans and tyranny. People will die in billions and those left will be chipped and modified to fit their vision of transhumanism and total control. Future generations will be under surveillance 24/7, they will own nothing, and only approved families will be allowed to have children.

The only way to stop this staged pandemic, this tyranny, and their New World Order, even if you do not believe in their agendas (which are very well documented), we need to expose the real elephant in the room – the lie about viruses and contagions. Unless we do that, this will never end.

Addition due to Social Media comments:

It seems some people do not understand what this post is about, It’s NOT about Ivermectin not be able to help with parasites. I will touch on that subject another time, as people get that wrong too. And keep in mind that Ivermectin is toxic, it will hurt you if you take that crap. And it will kill parasites that are present to rid you of heavy metals. If these parasites die, the heavy metals in them will be reabsorbed by your body. That’s the reason Controlled opposition push it. If they can’t hurt you with the deadly vaccine, they’ll hurt you with other useless toxic medications instead. Same with Hydroxychloroquine. They both have real nasty side effects, including sterilization.

This post is about spreading the idea, the illusion, that it helps against Covid-19. Anytime these two are mentioned together, you give power to the idea that Covid-19 exist, that imaginary contagious viruses exist. And that is the root of the problem! We will never escape this pseudoscience, this Hell and Tyranny as long as that hoax is alive and governing our lives. Read the post again, and do some thinking. Do not rush it and type a message or comment without understanding it. ALL such feedback will be hidden or deleted. Stay on topic or do not write at all!


Here are some resources and posts on the FACT that viruses cannot be outside of a living organism, that there is no contagion, and that the germ theory with contagious diseases is fear propaganda and a big and very profitable lie.

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