Peps Persson dead at 74

Swedish Musician Peps Persson Dead at 74 by the Numbers

As a teenager, in the early and mid-90’s, I saw Peps play at several festivals all over Sweden. It was not the music I listened to or even enjoyed; it was more of a principle to see him play – he was a festival legend. My ‘awakening’ didn’t start until 1998 when my grandfather, who held a high position within the military and intelligence community, hinted at me that news were scripted and only a way to control the masses. Before that, I did not know about the music industry or about “celebrities” and how their contracts worked or all the rituals they had to perform. This one, on this date, would be Peps’ last ritual.
On June 27, the date filled with Freemasonic numerology, we received the news that he had ‘passed away’ during the morning.
Let’s break down this death report using Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality to keep us oblivious to how the world really works and what is going on. Gematria is an ancient practice of coding language; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

Per Åke Tommy Persson went by the artist-name ‘Peps Persson’, or ‘PP’ as in the-upside-down reflection of 66. 66 is shorthand for ‘666’ as we can tell by using the phrase, ‘Number of the Beast’, which is ‘66’ in Full Reduction. Satanism is extremely prevalent in the entertainment industry, since it’s run by the satanic cabals.

Peps Persson died at 74 years of age. 74 is the God number and the reflection of 47, which represents the number of degrees on the Freemasonic compass. 74 and 47 are very important to Freemasonry. ‘Masonic’ is also 74, and so is ‘killing.’ So, why June 27?

June 27, 2021 = 6/27/20/21 = 6+27+20+21 = 74
So, Peps was 74 years old; thus he was a match for the date. What else?

June 27, 2021 = 6/27/21 = 6+27+21 = 54
Peps Persson is 54 in both Full Reduction and Reverse Full Reduction. A double match for the date of his death. Also, ‘Freemasonic’ equals 54.

June 27 = 6/27 = 6+27 = 33, the Freemasonic number of the highest degree within the Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
Musiker (musician in Swedish) is 33 in Full Reduction.
Sångaren (singer) is 33 in Full Reduction, 666 in Reverse English Sumerian and 74 in Jewish Ordinal.
Also, notice that the “tribute” video clip by Swedish Television, SVT, to Peps is exactly 33 minutes in length.

And they updated the article at “17:36” = (1+7):(3+6) = 89
Musician: 89

He was also labeled as a guitarist (gittarist).
Most important numbers for June 27: 74/47, 54, 38, 33 and 20.
Guitarist: 47 (Jew Red)
Gittaristen: 54 (Septenary)
Sångaren: 33, 38 (Jew Red)
Munspelaren (Harmonica player): 47 (Chaldean)
Killing: 73, 38
Death: 38, 20
RIP: 20

The article mentions one of his hits, “Falsk Matematik” (False Mathematics), this is an obvious hint to mathematics and how they code our false, faked, reality. This hit song was from his album “Blodsband” (Ties of Blood.) Both are mentioned early in the article. Why?
Falsk Matematik: 142, 43
Gematria: 142
Masonic: 43
Killing: 43
RIP: 43
Blodsband: 33 (Jew Red), 28
Avled (died): 28

The clue of “Falsk Matematik” takes us to his music group/band, “Peps Blodsband” and the Gematria behind it. His artist-name was “Peps”, what numbers would align with Peps and what would be a suitable name for his band?

The Number of Peps: 222, 69
Peps Blodsband: 222, 69

Even the shortening gives a match:
The number of PP: 69

Peps was born on December 20, 1946 and he died on June 27, 2021.
That is on the 189th day of his age.
Freemasonic: 189

And 177 days remaining to his next birthday.
The Jesuit Order: 177

His real full name was “Per Åke Tommy Persson” = 86 (Full Reduction)
and he lived for exactly…
74 years, 6 months, 7 days = 86 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Jesuits = 86
Human Sacrifice = 86
Blood Sacrifice = 86

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