Portland record temperature

Record High Temperature in Portland by the Numbers! Hinting at Power Outages!

Portland had a little taste of weather modification warfare this past weekend as they were hit with record high temperatures. All-time high was 107, but on Saturday it reached 108, on Sunday it hit 112 and on Monday, for the third day in a row, it reached a record setting high temperature of 116 degrees.
I wonder who reported these figures? Someone instructed by their overlord using Gematria. Let’s break this down.

On the record-high day, the date was 6/28/21 = 6+28+2+1 = 37
Portland: 37 (Full Reduction)

116 degrees: 44 (Full Reduction), 44 (Rev Full Red)
Portland: 44 (Rev Full Red)

And also, 116 degrees as in…
Portland: 116 (Reverse Ordinal)

How original.

In my previous posts I’ve decoded and mentioned the connections of the Climate Change hoax (natural disasters through weather modification), Power Outages, and Cyber Attacks (World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon Simulation.)
This heat wave in Portland, Seattle and Canada might very well be a hint of upcoming power outage.

Portland, Oregon, had a power outage on 2/14/2021 = 2+14+21 = 37
Portland: 37 (Full Reduction)

2/14/20/21 = 2+14+20+21 = 57
Power Outages: 57 (Full Reduction)

Record Setting High Temperature: 151
Power Outage: 151

Record Setting: 157 as in 15/7 or 7/15 as in July 15.
July 15 = 7/15/2021 = 7+15+20+21= 63
Record: 63
Climate: 63
Warm Weather: 63

July 15 = 7/15 = 7+15 = 22
Power: 22

Oregon: 25, 38
Grid: 25, 38

Portland, Oregon: 69
Outage: 69

All-Time Heat Record: 169
7/15/2021 leaves 169 days left in the year.

From the heat record on June 28 to July 17 is a span of 18 days.
7/15/2021 = 7+1+5+2+0+2+1 = 18

They said it was the warmest day in 80 years.
Satan: 80
As in hot in hell? Clever.
State of Emergency: 80

Heat Wave = 131, the 32nd Prime Number.
Power: 32

See, heat waves and high temperatures are matched with power and power outages. And there might just be one planned again for July 17.
Also, keep an eye on the news for more stories about power, power shortage, outages and such. Remember that they must adhere to the Revelation of the Method, always telling us what they will do. A part of that is by using Gematria in their news stories (and symbolism, hints in popular movies and tv-shows.) If you say and do nothing, your silence is your consent.
And running these stories is also a way of conditioning, making you used to threats, problems and such, so you will not protest or even blink an eye when they introduce their solution.
This is why they have faked so many “cyber-attacks” this year and why their simulation Cyber Polygon will be crucial to see what they have in store for us. They will try to limit the Internet and their Agenda 2030 calls for microchip implants in all of us, which probably will be needed for your safety online and to identify yourself – and even to get access. Same with your money and funds, or getting power/electricity.

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