As Predicted, the FAKE Climate Change is Back in Focus Again

As I predicted, the little globalist-puppet-boy pretending to be a girl is back, and the non-existent climate change hoax bullocks has been fueling all summer with man-made “nature” catastrophes such as flooding, wild fires, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Also notice how the pictures of “the rallies” are manipulated (aka “photoshopped”, and very badly so) to look like a lot of people actually participated. The media always lie!

And of course, the tag Greta uses…
“#FridaysForFuture” = FFF = 666

And, of course, the truth hidden in plain sight. We know that you were born a boy, Greta…

#UprootTheSystem – we see what you did there, little puppet…

Posts from early April:

“And, as I mentioned in previous posts. They will play the fake ‘climate change’ card again. A lot of dates are coming up in late June and mid-July with matches to Earth, Fire, Heatwaves, Flooding and other words and phrases tied to extreme weather – as in weather warfare. Look for record temperatures around June 25 and flooding around July 15 – dates with 52 and 25 numerology. This will continue to ramp up during the autumn and probably be used as a distraction from the fake pandemic. Also be prepared for man-made Hurricanes. And the little boy, Greta Thunberg, pretending to be a girl will surely be back in the limelight later this year.”

Greta in black goo (graphene oxide) and one-eye symbolism turning into transhuman… As featured in the Saturday (Saturn Day – Saturn Worship) edition of The Guardian.

The Black Goo – Graphene Oxide Connection and Predictive Programming.
Another good little vid by A Call For An Uprising. If you cannot see this, you have been successfully brainwashed and programmed.

Update, September 28

As for Greta’s “blah, blah, blah” speech at the Youth4Climate bullocks…

Of course, that silly phrase has the Scottish Rite of Freemason ‘33’ in it, and ‘66’ as in the number of the beast.

But we all know what she really means, Revelation of the Method…

Yes, it sure is. The Climate Change/Climate Crisis is Fake, Fake, Fake!

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