From the silly headlines, what lies ahead… A few thoughts and speculation.

I see more and more ‘news stories’ that hints to the possibility that the fantasy Corona ‘Covid-19’ has begun to disappear. That it has run its course.
At the same time, they are very keen on pointing out the lie that the rate of contagion, the spread of infection, is still rising. This is of course pure bollocks, since contagion is based on a Rockefeller-sponsored lie. We cannot transmit diseases. But this lie is very important if you want to rule people by fear. It needs to be reinforced as often as possible. They are most likely planning new ‘outbreaks’ of imaginary covid variants and mutations.

Also, death rates have increased in many countries after they started administrating the mass-murder Vaccines. I’ve made several posts about this showing you the real-time daily-death statistics. They will start blaming the deaths by Vaccines on new strains/variants. It’s all calculated and pre-planned.

I’ve also seen hilarious ‘news stories’ claiming a ‘new wave’ of the Covid-19 in the summer. You know, the time of year when people normally do not start their cleansing cycle (get the “flu”) and death rates are always low, so they have never been able to fake Virus Outbreaks at that time of year – and they just claim that Viruses cannot survive the heat and dry weather. But now they hint at breaking their own made-up Virology rules? Most likely because the death rates from the Vaccines will continue to climb and they need something to blame it on, like a new variant of the Covid.

There has also been a lot of ‘chatter’ indicating that, while the weak ones die within weeks or months after taking the jab, the life expectancy for those in better health are about 2 to 3 years. After that organs will fail due to the poisons, graphene oxide and mRNA modifications, just as seen in all their animal studies/trials on previous Corona Vaccines. This would go hand in hand with Deagel’s depopulation forecast for 2025. And as a little side note, if a lot of people are going to get sick from the jabs at the same time with organ failure and brain shutting down, it will look a lot like a “zombie apocalypse”, just as CDC made zombie preparedness posters about.

However, with that said. Keep in mind that the “pre-programming” of all zombie movies and TV-series leading up to the Covid-19 ritual was symbolic. It had nothing to do with vaccinated slaves turning into zombies. It was symbolic of division, of those who were dumbed-down and believed in the deception, thus acting like “zombies” by socially and verbally attacking those who were awake, as in real humans who resisted the vaccinations.

So, what game are they currently playing? It seems they are playing both sides as they always do. Since this whole plandemic is fake, they constantly need to remind you of it, since the only visible cue is stupid people wearing muzzles. Without the constant propaganda in the news and without sheep wearing muzzles, no one would even entertain the thought that there would be a pandemic, much less contagious Viruses or germs. That’s the reason why every daily news story seems so farfetched, so downright silly and infantile. They have nothing to report on. They have to make sh1t up every single day to keep the lie alive and even their crisis actors are struggling more than usual.

With that being said, if the vaccines are as deadly as we suspect and a lot of scientists claims, a ‘pandemic’ might soon be very real with people actually dying at home, at work and in the streets – but not from some Sci-Fi contagion, but from the vaccines. However, the dumbed-down population will believe it’s very real this time – that the covid has mutated and gained superpowers – just as Bill “Kill” Gates said in his interview, “next time, they will know it is for real…”, when he hinted that the next plandemic will be 10 times worse…

With that said, they do not have the capacity to manufacture a lot of vaccine. Thus, most vials are simply salt water. So, even if people begin to die from it after a few years, or from the boosters, there will be no immediate extreme “mass deaths.”

All I can say is that this planned tyranny is most likely far from over. Stay vigilant. Stand your ground. Say NO to any kind of test, muzzle, chip/ID, or experimental drugs. This is all just theatre and those strong enough to stand against it and ride it out are the ones who will survive.

And, as I mentioned in previous posts. They will play the fake ‘climate change’ card again. A lot of dates are coming up in late June and mid-July with matches to Earth, Fire, Heatwaves, Flooding and other words and phrases tied to extreme weather – as in weather warfare. Look for record temperatures around June 25 and flooding around July 15 – dates with 52 and 25 numerology. This will continue to ramp up during the autumn and probably be used as a distraction from the fake pandemic. Also be prepared for man-made Hurricanes. And the little boy, Greta Thunberg, pretending to be a girl will surely be back in the limelight later this year.

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