April 10, 2021 update.

When you promise a new picture and it just doesn’t deliver – and Gut Health

Yes, in my previous birthday post I promised a new picture, so I took a quick one yesterday morning before speeding off to the gym. It looked decent enough on the useless Xiaomi Pro Mi10, but when downloaded it was smoothed out with very little detail… or have I just become a fat bastard in a month? Yeah, that might be it. Anyhow…
Weight is about the same, but I have been doing some experiments with gut health and digestion in regards to the psyche. Yes, one of the cornerstones in German New Medicine. In simple terms, any food intolerance or food allergy is in most cases psychological. All of us have some psychological traumas or triggers (or anger) since we were infants, toddlers, kids or even teenagers. If a food or even a part of a food have been associated with this, we get digestion problems when consuming it, and even more so if we actually believe the food is bad for us. Even as adults we can get programmed to believe that something will be bad for us and we get the runs, cramps or get bloated (as with gluten and other nonsense.)
In the past, my digestion always crashed a couple of times a week when consuming a lot of carbohydrates around my training session. Since going carnivore, my gut has not crashed, but I’ve got soft/creamy stools whenever upping the carbs when trying to gain weight.

So, a few weeks ago I just acknowledged this ‘carb load thing’ as a false trigger and told myself that these rice cakes with honey and the slow carb drinks should not affect my digestion. I really focused on it and really relaxed while consuming them. I even tried some pasta in the meal after training – and had some buns and cakes at a friends’ house (oh, the shit I go through for science.)And guess what?
I became fat? Yeah, maybe. But that’s not the point.

The point is that I’ve had perfect bowel movements every single day. Just as when on full-blown carnivore. One wipe wonders. Never happened before with some carbs, sugars and a little bit of fiber in my diet. Never!
This mental stress/trauma- and psyche aspect of health, and gut health in particular, is really interesting and fascinating. Will write more about this in the future.

Now off you go and have an awesome weekend! Love you all!

Addition – question about protein powders…

Protein powder can be of use if:
1. You have a hard time getting enough protein from animal sources such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy – due to satiety (as these should be your primary foods).
2. You’re an athlete and you have a hard time meeting your protein requirements as stated in 1.

That’s about it really. With that said, a little bit of high-quality whey protein powder can be a good supplement if you’re not into dairy. Since the protein powder is dried, the concentration of minerals otherwise found in milk are higher per serving. So just a small cup a day can give you nice boost in bioavailable minerals. Wheeey better than any mineral supplement. I’m actually a bit flabbergasted that supplement companies don’t include this in their marketing for whey powders. Probably because they don’t know shit…

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