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JBS USA suffers Cyberattack – Predictive Programming for Food Shortage

Remember the recent alleged “cyberattack” on the US pipelines? The claimed hacker attack on SolarWinds reported by Microsoft? Satan Klaus and his World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon simulation?
Yes, they keep programming us with these staged “cyberattacks.” That is what is next on their agenda. Cyberattacks, Internet shutdowns, food shortage, power outages, and the Dark Winter…
Let’s break down this story using their language of choice, Gematria.

The alleged attack was on Sunday, May 30, 2021 – the 150th day of the year.
Illuminati: 150
Cyber Polygon 2021: 150 (Jew Ord)

Also, this ties back to the claim by Microsoft that 150 Government agencies were hacked.
As I mentioned in the SolarWind and Pipeline post, when “cyberattacks” are in the news, the coding of ‘Illuminati’ is always present.

Cyberattack: 188, 109, 37, 71
Bavarian Illuminati: 188
Ordo ab Chao: 188
The Roman Catholic Church: 109
Agenda 2030: 37
The Jesuits: 37
The Society of Jesus: 71
Cyber Pandemic: 71
Dark Side: 71

The other secret societies are also coded with “cyberattack” and “cyber pandemic”, as they are all behind it and it is part of Agenda 2030. “Dark Side” returns again, as they blame Russia. Russia is also important, as it is coded with words such as, “Order”, “New World Order”, “Catholic Church”, “Divide and Conquer”, “Illuminati”, and “Internet”.
So, why did they choose JBS, a ‘meat producer’ for this staged event?

Meat Producer: 139
The Bavarian Illuminati: 139
Freemasonry: 139

JBS: 50
Cyber Polygon: 50

JBS USA: 72, 45
Cyber Polygon 2021: 72
Lies: 45
Ritual: 45

JBS Foods: 90, 45, 27
JBS USA: 90, 45
Deceivers: 90
Lies: 45, 27
Ritual: 45, 27

Quite obvious, isn’t it? Also, as part of Agenda 2030 and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better” (666) is the elimination of the only nutritious food there is – animal-based food. That is why they attack meat so often in the media and why the psy-op of Veganism is being touted. They want a weak and meek population with severe nutrition deficiencies.
JBS was initially established by José Batista Sobrinho.

José Batista Sobrinho: 72, 270
Jesuit Order: 72
Cyber Polygon 2021: 72
Build Back Better: 270

Also, the alleged attack was on May 30, 2021 = 5/30, 21 = 5+30+21 = 56.
We know the importance of ‘56’ from my previous posts.

Society of Jesus: 56
Staged: 56
Schwab: 56
Terrorism: 56 (Jew Red)

Klaus Schwab was born on March 30, and this attack was on May 30, that is 30 and 30, where we always remove the zero, so it reads as the Freemasonic 33.
It is also 61 days between the two dates. In the Bible, ‘61’ hints to denying oneself: “To serve God and find true life, we must crucify our flesh and deny ourselves. This is the great paradox of God’s Truth!”
Denying oneself as in Agenda 2030 and their old slogan, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”
And yes…

The Great Reset: 61
Cyber Hacking: 61
All Seeing Eye: 61

From the day of the attack (May 30) to the event of Cyber Polygon 2021 (July 9) is exactly 40 days.
40 is relevant in the Bible as in the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights – the flood of Noah. However, 40 is not only about the flood, it also references the limit of the number of stripes that can be inflicted as punishment. This might very well be a hint of what is coming – hard times and a Dark Winter.

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