Fake cyberattacks in Europe

Here we go again! More on Cyberattacks! All by the numbers!

Let’s start with the headline. I will decode the messages and how the words tie together to form their lie with as much ‘cipher hits’ they can muster as possible (for what they believe stronger word magic.) As always, I will be using the ancient practice of Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.
I will also throw in some other key words with the same numbers that they hint at and are relevant for the story (their hidden message, Revelation of the Method.)

“Serious cyberattacks in Europe doubled in the past year, new figures reveal, as criminals exploited the pandemic”

“Serious cyberattacks”: 234, 72, 126
Mark of the Beast: 234
Cyber Polygon: 72
Jesuit Order: 72

“Doubled”: 126, 36
Agenda 2030: 36

“Serious”: 35 (Septenary)
“Europe”: 35, 80, 82, 28
Bavarian Illuminati: 80
Cyber Resilience: 80
Serious cyberattacks: 80 (Septenary)
Ordo ab Chao: 82
Transhumanism: 82
Agenda 2030: 28

“doubled in the past year”: 109, 89
Cyberattack: 109
The Roman Catholic Church: 109
Chaos: 89
Digital Pandemic: 89
Microchip Implant: 89

“new figures reveal”: 89, 82, 242
Europe: 82
Transhumanism: 82
Predictive programming: 242

“criminals exploited the pandemic”: 144, 306, 162
Jesuit Order: 144
Mark of the Beast: 144
Depopulation Agenda: 306
Cyber Polygon 2021: 162

“criminals”: 98
“the pandemic”: 98, 53
Cyber Threat: 53

“criminals exploited”: 208
“exploited the pandemic”: 208
Follow the numbers: 208

That is only from the headline. I do not think I really need to decode more of their wording. This tells it all.
The wording “Serious Cyberattacks” is a direct reference to Jesuit govern World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon simulation, just as in all previous “cyber-attack” and “ransomware” stories. And it ties in with their prophecy of a “cyber/digital pandemic”, with the goal of removing all your rights and have you to accept ‘the mark of the beast’, aka., the ‘microchip implant’ – i.e., transhumanism.

And why did they make up this story for today, Jun 10?
June 10, 2021 = 6/10/21 = 6+10+21 = 37

Cyberattack: 37
Agenda 2030: 37
Concept 2021: 37
Deceive: 37
Internet: 37 (Jew Red)
Quiet War: 37 (Septenary)
Pandemic Plot: 37 (Septenary)

June 10 = 6/10 (remove the zero) = 6/1 = 61
Cyber Hacking: 61
Food Shortage: 61
Pandemic Plot: 61
The Great Reset: 61

Note that ‘Concept 21’ is one of the themes for Cyber Polygon 2021. It describes the secure development of ecosystems and will determine the future of humanity for decades to come. And of course, Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” just had to be in there. Oh my, their hybris.
Also note that the alleged attacks have been on ‘supply chains’ as the Cyber Polygon simulation, and that includes food production and food transport. In other words, they will make a fake food shortage in the future. Probably when they go for their “Dark Winter…”

The “source” for the article is supposedly The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, “ENISA”.
Europe: 33 (Chaldean)
European Union: 66

You just have to get that Freemasonic 33 in there, and 66, as in 666, to boot!
Another Jesuit scripted story with the same messages as the one’s I already decoded. They are really going for this!

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