Evil Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum’s Cyber Pandemic 2021 Simulation

Deeply coded as part of their Agenda 21 and 2030

I’ve posted earlier about World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon 2021. This ‘exercise’ will simulate a fictional cyber-attack with participants from dozens of countries responding to “a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time.” In my old post, I wrote, “This will most likely be their next step towards total control and a ‘reset’ of the economic system.”
World Economic Forum was founded by 83-years-old Klaus Schwab and was part of ‘Event 201’ where they revealed their next step in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 – the Coronavirus Planned-demic.
Since that post, they have now revealed the date for the event; it will be on July 9, 2021. Let us use some simple gematria to understand why they chose that date and what it means.

Cyber Polygon 2021 will be held on July 9. Klaus Schwab’s birthday is on March 30. March 30 to July 9 is 101 days (3 months 9 days).
101 has a very special meaning. It’s best described as this:

-1 = end of the old-world-order.
0 = ground zero, the planned events, disaster, reset, etc.
+1 = the beginning of the new world order.

Ordo Ab Chao
Out of chaos, order.
Out of chaos it will rise, like a phoenix from the ashes, their new world order.

Phoenix: 91, 46, 26
Microchip Implant: 91
Cyber Resilience: 91
Digital: 46
Ordo ab Chao: 46
Cyber Threat: 46 (Jew Red)
Agenda 21: 26
Implant: 26 (Jew Red), 26 (Chaldean)

101 is also a representation of ‘Sun of God’, which is sun worship. Nimrod was the originator of sun worship and founder of Babylon. This was later adopted by the Egyptians and their sun god Horus. 101 is therefore a satanic number within the occult.

Cyber Polygon 2021 will be held on July 9. Klaus Schwab’s birthday is on March 30. March 30 to July 9 is 3 months 9 days.

3 months and 9 days = 39
Freemasonry: 39 (Septenary)
Jesuits: 39 (Septenary)
Ordo ab Chao: 39 (Chaldean)

Nimrod: 73, 37, 89, 35
Digital Pandemic: 73, 89
Agenda 2030: 37
Agenda 21: 35
Concept 2021: 37
Microchip implant: 89
World Economic Forum: 89 (Jew Red)

Horus: 81, 27, 54
Mark of the Beast: 81, 54
Concept 2021: 81
Agenda 2030: 27 (Jew Red)
Power Outage: 54 (Jew Red), 54 (Chaldean)
Microchip: 54 (Jew red)
Digital Pandemic: 54 (Septenary)
Jesuit Order: 54, 54 (Septenary)
The Jesuit Order: 54 (Chaldean)

The goals of Cyber Polygon are to simulate “cyber-attacks” on infrastructure that can result in internet shutdowns and power outages.
The 2021 Texas power outage began on February 10, 2021. That is 149 days before the Cyber Polygon on July 9. In the bible, Isaiah 14.9 refers to “The King of Nations” – He is the God of Gods. And 149 is the 35th prime number.

Skull and Bones: 149
Microchip: 149
End of the World: 149
Illumination: 149

Agenda 21: 35
Digital: 35
Pandemic: 35
Klaus Schwab: 35 (Chaldean)
Nimrod: 35

The previous Cyber polygon 2020 was held on July 8, 2020. On May 26, 2021 the lunar eclipse will take place. This eclipse is very meaningful as it is the 56th of 84 eclipses within the Saros cycle.
Society of Jesus: 56, Pope: 56, power outage: 56, mark of the beast: 56, Schwab: 56, Coronavirus: 56, cybersecurity: 56, The Illuminati: 56, A Great Reset: 56
Jesuit: 84, The Jesuit Order: 84, The Catholic Church: 84, World Economic Forum: 84

Please also see my post, “More on Gematria – the importance of ‘56’ in 2020” (link in comments).

And also, from July 8, 2020 to May 26, 2021, is exactly 322 days. As in Order 322; Skull and Bones Freemasons. The Brotherhood of Death.

Cyber Polygon: 67, 167, 50
Order 322: 67
Skull and Bones: 50
Number of the Beast: 67
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: 167

And as a bonus, recall that the power went out all over the U.S. on Valentine’s Day, March 22, 2021. That was 322 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday,
And to finish, from the eclipse on May 26 to the simulation on July 9 is 44 days. The 4th book of the Bible, the book of Numbers, contains 1288 or 400+400+400+44+44 verses. It is 44 times shorter than 3×444 or 666+666.
The Vatican occupies 44 hectares in the city of Rome.
The Bouriates knew 99 gods, divided into 55 good and 44 bad. These two groups of gods would fight for a very long between them.
It’s very obvious that everything they do and have their hand in is deeply coded for their belief in bringing the number, the letter, and the word into reality by casting spells.

More about WEF’s Cyber Polygon and their symbolism and connection to Graphene Oxide.

On their website and in their press material, WEF uses hexagons in their illustrations for Cyber Polygon. A hexagon is a six-sided polygon; hence their name Cyber ‘Polygon’. Being six-sided is of course symbolism connected to the universal number 6, (as in 3-6-9), and of course to Satanism.

Their logotype symbol contains three C-shaped lines forming a circle, like the Ouroboros, the snake eating itself.
C is the third letter and represents 3. So, CCC is 333, as in the cycle of 144,000 days and the foretold end of the world in 12/21/12, which breaks down to 333. But it’s also a symbolic gesture of three within a hexagon. The hexagon represents 6, so you get three sixes, as in 666, the number of the beast.

On that theme. An interesting “coincidence” is that the Graphene Oxide molecule is three hexagons, very much like the Cyber Polygon logo. And three hexagons are 666. And of recent, there is grave concern about Graphene Oxide in the Covid-19 vaccines, the vaccines that are made for depopulation (maiming and killing people).
Thus, the Ouroboros likeness in the logo, the eternal cycle of things and the transcendence of duality, is very fitting – as we know that WEF is pushing the Great Reset with depopulation and smart cites where you own nothing.
It’s all connected.

Graphene Oxide Molecule to the left, Cyber Polygon logo and art-work to the right.
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