SyFy TV-Series Helix from 2014 is Happening Now…

Remember the SyFy TV-series called Helix from 2014? It’s filled with Predictive Programming.
A deadly disease outbreak, Viruses, Spike Proteins, Black Goo (nano/graphene oxide), 5G symbolism, Quarantine (essential workers), Changing DNA by proteins, silly face shields and masks, Order 322 (Freemason) symbolism, IRIS eye/portal symbolism, test everyone (no matter how inaccurate), ventilators, “the want to change us from the inside out”, the “cure” is untested on humans (starting to sound familiar yet?)

Thank you EntertheStars for the great decoding.

The did this great decode of Helix (2014), ImmunaBands (2021), Sssss (1973), and Songbird (2020).

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