Andrew Cuomo Resigns in “Battle Against the Sexes ‘Vagina’ Ritual” – Connecting the Vaccine Sterilization Effects and Future Events

History repeats itself because the parasites running this show writes the script. On August 10, 2017, Taylor Swift hit the news about her alleged ‘sexual assault story’ where her ‘vagina’ was grabbed by a groper. And now, on August 10, 2021, Andrew Cuomo resigns due to ‘sexual harassment’ (by groping).

Yes, they are all actors playing a role, following orders and they have to obey to these humiliation rituals. Who knows if he actually groped all 11 women as part of the character he plays, or if it is all made up? Either way, it is planned, fabricated, and scripted to fit their narrative, the numerology and their gematria.

Let’s make a quick decoding of this to show you the connections and the hidden messages.

“Andrew Cuomo resigns in wake of sexual assault allegations”: 201
“Taylor Swift testifies in a court that she was groped”: 201
201 is know as the Jesuit Order’s number, because…
The Jesuit Order = 201

One of the headlines read as: “At The End Of His Grope”

At The End Of His Grope: 84
Jesuit: 84
The Jesuit Order: 84
The Catholic Church: 84
United States of America: 84
Masonry: 84
Sterilization: 84 (we’ll get to this later)
Covid-19 Vaccination: 84 (we’ll get to this later)

When the story was first released, CNN had “updated” the time-stamp to 2:51, as in “251”, the 54th Prime Number.

Vagina: 54
Female Genitalia: 54 (Septenary)
Jesuit Order: 54
Freemasonic: 54

And, August 10 can be written as 10/8 = 108
Vagina: 108
Jesuit Order: 108
Freemasonic: 108

Double matches on Vagina, Jesuit Order, and Freemasonic. The ritual keyword, the handlers, and the executioners – all coded together in double matches. What are the odds on that? One in a billion? A trillion?

And 108 have connections to the current fake pandemic.

Corona Covid-19 Virus: 108
Covid-19 Pandemic: 108
Delta Vaccine: 108
Inoculation Death: 108

This is important since they weave stories together, strengthening the messages and their word magic. There is also a connection. In the past, ‘sexual harassment’ stories were mainly about dividing the sexes, further feminism and attacking the males. One of their goals since the 50’s has been to destroy the family unit and separate the sexes, and they have succeeded quite well. Now however, it’s about Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050, about “sustainability” and depopulation. And one of the effects of the vaccine that we have documented is second generation sterilization. A vaccinated women that carries a female child, will have her hormonal surges during pregnancy hijacked. A female fetus develops all of her lifetime eggs during these surges of hormones from her mother. If they are hijacked, the baby girl will be born without any eggs. She will seem healthy and fine, but she will in fact be infertile.

So, these news stories targeted at the female reproductive organ is simply one of the pieces in their Revelation of the Method. And that is why they code the fake virus and the maiming vaccines into these ‘sexual harassment’ stories.
Let’s continue.

Their second update on the story was on 7:25 pm, as in 7 (2+5) = 77.

G-Spot: 77
Reproductive Organs: 77 (Septenary)
Graphene Oxide: 77 (the nano-compound building inside vaccinated bodies)
Vaxxed: 77 (Jew Ord)

The grouping charges against Cuomo were filed on August 6, like 8/6 = 86.

Groping: 86
Sexual Assault: 86
Reproductive Organs: 860 = 86 (Satanic)
Jesuits: 86
Culling: 86
Vaccine is the Killer: 86

And back in 2017, the Taylor Swift headline said, “horrifying and shocking”, which just happens to be ‘126’ in Full reduction, which at that time was 126 days from her birthday. What else is 126?

Cuomo’s birthday is December 6. 12/6 = 126.

That is how easily they tie stories of the same ‘nature’ together. Well, easy enough when you write the entire script…

August 10, is 247 days after Cuomo’s birthday, and 119 days to his next birthday.
Montmartre, Paris, France: 247 (Home of the Jesuits)
All Seeing Eye: 119

One World Government: 247
Corona Pandemic: 247
Fully Vaccinated: 247

Corona Covid: 119
Satanic Blood Ritual: 119
Compulsory Vaccination: 119
Decade of Vaccines: 119 (Bill Gate’s statement for 2020 and what is to come)
Female Reproductive Organs: 119
Vatican: 119

Now, the hidden messages, the Revelation of the Method is even more clear. The vaccines target the female reproductive organs, which in essence is what this story is about, making it the perfect candidate for showing you the connections.

Counting from March 11, when the “55 Democrats” came out against Cuomo calling for him to resign, to August 10, is a span of 153 days.

Cuomo Resigns His Governorship: 153
Jesuit Order: 153
Blood Clots: 153
Delta Vaccination: 153
Fully Vaccinated: 153 (Jew Ord)

Again, matches with Vaccination, same as previous. Very much scripted!

And, that also means, since he resigns in two weeks, on August 24, that between March 11 and August 24 is a span of 167 days, showing the hidden messages of what is happening and what is to come:

Sterilization: 167 (Jew Ord)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: 167
One Government: 167
No Human Rights: 167
Military Order: 167

And 167 is the 39th Prime Number, tying it to this story.
Groper: 39 (Jew Red)
Genitalia: 39 (Jew Red)
Pudenda: 390 = 39 (English Sumerian)
Sexual Assault: 390 = 39 (Fibonacci)
Governor: 39
New York: 39
New York, NY: 39
NY: 39
NYC: 39
And, August 10, 2021 = 8/10/21 = 8+10+21 = 39

And fittingly, a woman will replace him. What is her name? Glad you asked.

Kathy Hochul: 132, 51, 165, 517 (Satanic), 792 (Eng Sumerian), 990 (Rev Eng Sumerian)
Andrew Cuomo: 132, 51, 165, 517 (Satanic), 792 (Eng Sumerian), 990 (Rev Eng Sumerian)

Hand-picked into politics in New York – or even a fictious name? Who knows, but with that matching name, she’s been groomed as Cuomo’s successor for some time. And yes, Hochul attended the Catholic University of America in D.C. That is how it works. The right name, the right numerology and gematria, and the right brainwashing from the indoctrination camps (Schools/University) and you’re the perfect little lap dog.

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