CDC and Similar Evil Organizations Making People Severely Ill by Fear and Worry

Visiting any social media page or feed of CDC, WHO, or any of these evil organizations, is like being thrown into Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange, a film about MK Ultra; as in mind control and conditioning, very much like mainstream media, but centered on the fears and worry about health and disease. They serve only to keep the false germ theory and virology alive, making it possible to stage and fake pandemics, as well as keeping people fearful of catching “diseases” from each other. Thus, everything they put out is a constant bombardment of fake and falsified “science,” of pure lies and deceit. Also, they know that the mind is all powerful and that most manifestations of “disease” is a result of mental trauma, fear, worry and anger. In a way, they are like evil fairy-tale magicians, making their pseudo-science and fears become reality among the sleeping masses through psychological manipulation.

One recent example of this outrageous and braindead fearmongering is CDC’s tweet about traveling for more than 4 hours. By reading their fear inducing tweet you get the impression that travelling and simply sitting still for more than 4 hours can increase your risk of developing a blood clot! Of course, if you actually take the time to read their webpage, which 99.9% of all people never do, after a long fearmongering introduction, they do acquit themselves by explaining that this mostly concern older people, people that are obese, people who recently had surgery or are on hormone replacement therapy, and so on. However, the abbreviated information that is presented to the public convey the message that ANYONE can get a blood clot from sitting still for more than 4 hours. And this is again all by design to put fear and worry in people.

Now, you would think that most people would be able to see this nonsense for what it is and be outraged, demanding CDC and similar charlatans to be razed to the ground and hunted down for outright lying and harming people. Blood clots was almost unheard of a few years ago and only something talked about among the elderly who often were confined to bed and put on a shitload of toxic and harmful drugs. And considering that most people sit still at a desk for 6 to 8 hours a day, we would have had an “epidemic” of blood clots once we stepped into the digital age during the 60’s and 70’s. Not to mention obese people who hardly move while they’re sleeping. Every single obese person would have died of blood clots long ago. Yet, people and the unwilling media only started mentioning blood clots during the previous last year or two.

While all this might be a smokescreen for the magic potion, the clot shot, it might also be exaggerated because they know that the sleeping masses are easily controlled and this control is done through emotional manipulation; through fear, worry, anger and sadness. People who do not understand that the world is a stage and that their “authority” lie about everything are drowning in a sea of emotional reaction. Humans are not supposed to live in a constant survival mode, being attacked 24/7 by fearmongering propaganda without reprieve. And that is their tool of mind control. That is the reason why the big masses are dumbed down and easily manipulated. Why they can’t even think back a couple of years and remember how it was or how everything has been turned upside down. This is also why the media change their tune from one day to the next, to keep people confused and in a reactive mode instead of a rational and logical mode of thinking, questioning, and evaluating.

This escalated with the staged and fake coronavirus pandemic where the natural detoxification process, that in the past was simply called a ‘flu,’ suddenly was totally eradicated and instead replaced by Covid-19. A little child should be able to see through such juvenile deception, but still the large masses believed in it. That is the power of mass hypnosis, of constantly bombarding people with 48 hours of horrific news in every 24 hours news cycle. And with the fake pandemic they reached a point where they can pretty much make up whatever they want and the dumb masses will swallow it, line, hook, and sinker. Hence strokes in children, hence monkey pox, hence blood clots from sitting still for more than four hours.

It is up to us who see through this infantile deception to try and wake up anyone who show signs of some kind of consciousness and to hold every charlatan politician, doctor and official responsible. At this time, we cannot reach the top of the power pyramid and remove them, but we can make it uncomfortable for the low hanging fruit that carries out their agendas. Do not let obvious fearmongering propaganda like this go unnoticed. And most importantly, continue to plant seeds about the real mother lie, the fact that no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist. That their model of disease and contagion has been debunked over and over again.

For further reading, please check the related posts below. And I’m sorry if this rant was a little bit all over the place. I only had 30 minutes to write this morning, and another 15 to get it online.

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