Rockefeller’s Mercury Project to Further Dis-information and Silence the Truth

In light of yesterday’s article about WHO’s six policies for total enslavement policies, that are based on the germ and virus lie; those policies were foreshadowed by Rockefeller’s ongoing Mercury Project. And this is how they describe this “Mercury Project” in their own words:

“The Social Science Research Council is providing USD 7.2 million to 12 teams advancing ambitious, applied social and behavioral science to combat the growing global threat posed by low Covid-19 vaccination rates and public health mis- and disinformation.”

Note that the ‘key-words’ are “social and behavioral science,” aka., ‘propaganda brainwashing,’ and “public health mis- and disinformation,” which is what they actually promote themselves with their pseudoscience approach of the fake germ theory and made-up ‘pathogens.’

If you still are unfamiliar with the big virus, pathogen, and contagion lie and what disease actually is, please take a quick look at these articles before continuing.

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To continue, you might be aware that Rockefeller is the extremely wealthy family belonging to the alleged 13 families that rule the world, and also the family that hijacked the health-, healing- and medical community in the 1800’s and instilled the false germ theory as their paradigm. They funded and expanded this fraudulent model of pseudoscience and built a new educational system for brainwashing and molding doctors and health care workers into their puppets all while doing word-wide smear campaigns against anyone who practiced healing without being educated and declared a “doctor” by their definition. Everyone not under their Rockefeller umbrella of pure evil was called out as a charlatan and hunted down, forced to close their practice.
Within a few decades the world did not know of any other method than that of which Rockefeller and their evil hired “scientists” had created and pushed on a governmental level known as “Modern Medicine.”

Their concept is very simple, yet brilliant, if you are a soulless evil scumbag that is. They tell you that disease comes from other living organisms and invade you. The only way to battle this is with their costly treatments, such as medicines, drugs, and vaccines. Since symptoms are actually a sign of your body detoxifying and healing, these drugs stop that process and the symptoms goes away, fooling you into thinking that you got “cured.” The truth however, is that your body’s attempt to rid itself of toxins and to heal was interrupted and toxins will continue to accumulate, setting you up for another attempt to detoxify months or years later – and the cycle is repeated. Your natural healing cycle starts only to be stopped; it’s one step forward, two steps back. They keep you in this cycle of “disease” and profit enormously from it. Not to mention that you can not function properly or at peak efficiency if you are constantly toxic and can’t detoxify. In other words, people become weak, sickly, and does not have the energy or drive to take charge of their lives, instead they just follow the herd, just trotting along in their hamster wheel. Then add malnutrition and stress on top of that. Exactly what those in power want.
And what is even worse is that if you never really detoxify, since you use drugs or remedies to stop the process, and as toxins builds up to threatening levels, your body will encapsulate these toxins in tumors to shield them off from invading your whole body. Yes, using any kind of “treatment” or “remedy” to stop your detoxification and healing process is the main contributor to cancer – and they know it, and profit from it.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Rockefeller Foundation convinced the ‘Social Science Research Council’ to spend $7.2 million on 12 teams working in 17 countries in order to protect their lies about ‘disease’ and thus in turn, the use of totally useless and dangerous drugs and ‘medical treatments’ – one of the biggest and most prosperous industries in the world – and also the most harmful and deadly.

This also lines up with exactly what I have been writing about for years now, that the staged and fake coronavirus pandemic was only a precursor to what they really are doing right now, and that is the ‘infodemic.’
What that means is that they are waging war on information, on the truth. Again, this is very much like ‘1984’ and the ‘Ministry of Truth’ in Orwell’s dystopian novel. The internet gave them several opportunities to dumb us down, make us complacent and lazy, and to infiltrate every movement with controlled opposition, bots and fake AI-personalities. However, it also gave us who can see through the deception a way to wake up more people – and that is what they now have been cracking down on with their “fact checkers” and other propaganda tools of pure dis-information. This Mercury Project is just another evil think-tank created by the people in power to keep the lies within the field of “health” and “medicine” going while silencing those who expose it.

Also, keep in mind that everything they do is ritualistic, symbolic and coded. As for ‘Mercury,’ it/he is also known as the Olympian God ‘Hermes,’ the psychopomp of Greek religion and mythology. A ‘psychopomp’ is an entity believed to escort and guide the spirits of the dead to the otherworld.

Do you see the symbolism? Yes, Mercury Project is designed to guide those who are ‘dead’ as in ‘mentally dead, brainwashed and dumbed down zombies’ to their fake and inverted ‘otherworld’ of propaganda and pseudoscience.
They do not pick the names for their projects by chance. It’s all right in your face is you are able to see.

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