People Are Still Taking Ivermectin – Tricked Like Gullible Children

If a small group of people are waking up to the dangers and the total uselessness of a specific thing, like the magic potion, the poke, aka., the clot shot, what is then the best way to lure them into another trap? Isn’t it obvious?
You let controlled opposition hype another, just as dangerous drug, if not more so, and then you smudge it in the mainstream media while making it hard to get, unless you buy it directly from said controlled opposition.
And bam! Like little children they swarm to something they’ve been told they can’t have.

I became sadly aware of this as I engaged in a Facebook post to try and help a friend who had fallen for this simple mind trick and bought this vile poison.
So many of these ‘anti-vaxxers’ are under the same type of spell as the sleeping masses, they are so easily controlled and tricked. It’s really sad to see.
Honestly, do you think a drug developed and manufactured by the same evil Big Pharma industrial complex will be the holy grail when you find out that another of their products is a maiming, sterilizing, and deadly clot shot?

Not only do people fall for this because a lack of simple common sense and logical thinking, it’s also because many of these poor souls are still trapped in the fake pseudo-science of the Rockefeller Modern Medicine and the debunked germ theory.
If they have realized that vaccines are totally useless and extremely dangerous, they should also be curious about what else they have been lied into beleiving, or at least you would think so. But no, most of them still cling to Modern Medicine and the fake germ theory, the very reason why the masses are being fooled into taking vaccines and other totally useless but very dangerous drugs.

The ability to connect the dots and make a little bit of research, but mostly logical thinking, seems totally lost in today’s age. And that is what makes me very sad.
However, for those willing to find truths and for those who want to be healthy and live a longer life, I will break this down as quick and easily as I can. Further reading will be linked below.

You cannot “catch” a disease. There is no transmission of invisible boogey men, there is no such thing as contagion.
Illness, or disease, comes from within. We are bombarded daily by chemicals, toxins, potential poisons, radiation, and so on, and although your body constantly try to detoxify and repair itself, these functions are slowed down or halted when other processes take priority. This happens when you eat and digest food, as nutrients need to be absorbed and toxins need to be removed and expelled. If you consume carbohydrates or any kind of plant food that is full of defence chemicals, antinutrients, and other toxins, your cleaning- and repairing process is shut down for hours at end. Keep in mind that glucose from carbohydrates is extremely toxic, hence why blood sugar is so tightly controlled and your body prioritizes removing excess glucose by the use of insulin.
This means that the more often you eat or snack, the less time your body has for cleaning and repairing, and the quicker toxins will build up. Keep in mind that the digestive process can take 3 to 6 hours or more per meal. For most people, this only leaves a couple of hours late in the night during sleep for cleaning and repairing. No wonder people are sick all the time as toxins builds up.

Note: there is also an opposite spectrum with people who never seem to get “sick,” where your body is so stressed that it can’t activate its natural cleaning and detox programs and toxins will build up for years, or even decades before the shit hits the fan. That is, organ damage, a stroke, cancer, blood clots, and so on. This is often seen in elders, but also among a lot of career-people.
In other words, if you know that you’re not taking care of yourself but still does not get “sick.” You really need to start. Eat better and then start with some short fasts and extend the fasting as you get used to it to help your body to detoxify. It could save your life, and it’s very easy and cheap.

Once you reach a threshold in some tissue, an emergency cleaning program will start. We used to call this getting a “cold” or “the flu.” It can also be triggered by big changes in temperature, as in the change of seasons, or by other people around you starting their cycle, giving the false illusion of contagion.

Now, and this is crucial to understand – any kind of symptom you experience such as a runny nose, coughing, or fever is not from a “disease” or being “sick.”
Symptoms like these are from the process of eliminating toxins and healing your body, and this process is done by proteins, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. This is just as true for toxemia as it is for “disease” from stress or mental traumas as described in German New Medicine.

In other words, you are not sick from a germ or a “virus”, you are experiencing symptoms from what your body is getting rid of (or repairing.) Symptoms simply means that you are in a natural cleansing and healing process and that you need to assist your body by slowing down and fasting (which is why you often have very little appetite – a signal from your body not to eat, as digestion interfere or even temporarily stop the process.)

As soon as you experience symptoms, you should stop eating and only drink water with maybe some salts (electrolytes.) Simply mimic animals in nature. A “sick” or wounded animal hide and does not eat nor drink until it is healed. Then it starts by drinking and then slowly eating again. The same is true for us. Always focus on nutritious foods so you have ample nutritional stores in your body, and then fast to aid your body as soon as you feel any symptoms from your natural cleaning and repair process. Only consume some highly nutritious foods such as bone broth, egg yolks, or organ meats if your cleaning process goes on for several days and you feel really depleted or get feelings of hunger.

Since most people have been fooled into believing that they are sick because of germs or parasites, they turn to drugs or “natural” remedies to assist in their recovery. A very big mistake!
If you take any kind of chemical, as in a drug like Ivermectin, or an aspirin, or a simple “natural remedy,” they will interfere with enzymatic processes which will slow down the natural healing and detoxification process. Since symptoms are the result of this healing process, they will lessen, fooling you into believing that you are getting better. As you repeatedly take more of these drugs or remedies, your body will be tricked into believing that the natural healing process has run its course and it will be shut down before the actual job is finished. In other words, you will never be rid of the toxins that are hurting your body, and they will continue to build up and you will soon get “sick” again. And you can imagine what will happen if you do the same thing all over again, and again, and again, for years on end. Yes, the toxicity will reach such levels that your organs will be damaged. And to keep toxins from spreading in the tissues and organs, and thus eventually kill you, your body seals them off by growing tumors to incapsulate them.

Yes, I should know, because that is what happened to me in 2017 and 2018. I was very sick as a child and I always did everything I could to get well as soon as possible so I could work. I worked in the health, fitness and medical industry for most of my life. I used to get sinusitis and pneumonia every year, and I took antibiotics as well as every natural remedy and nutritional supplement I could think of, and I paid the price by being weeks from dying in 2018 with several tumors and failing organs. The thing that saved me was our natural species appropriate, species-specific diet of the fat and meat of animals which has minimal toxins and maximum nutrition as well as doing prolonged fasting and finally understanding that I had been misled and fooled all my life up to that point. Since then, by living how I now recommend and write about, I have not experienced more than a half a day of detoxification symptoms, in other words, I have not been “sick” (detoxing) more than half a day a few times since I recovered in mid-2018. No more sinusitis, no more pneumonia, no fever, nothing more serious than a few hours of sniffles in 4.5 years.

And now, when reading posts of Facebook, I even see people who take small amounts of Ivermectin every week as a “precaution” because they think it will keep parasites in check and help them remove God knows what. However, what they are doing is pretty much the same thing I did, but ten times worse, and that almost killed me. What I went through is something I would not wish upon anybody. These people taking all this stupid stuff are effectively shutting down their natural cleaning and repair process all while killing parasites that are crucial for our health and detoxification process. Pretty much the same as people who are afraid of bacteria, our most important garbage men and cleaning crew. Being overly clean and using anti-bacterial stuff is extremely dangerous and unhealthy, and will take you down the same road of tumors and organ damage.

Do not forget that parasites consume heavy metals, keeping us from being poisoned to death. And if parasites would ever become problematic, as in you get too many, killing them with Ivermectin would be the stupidest idea ever. What do you think happens to the parasites once they die? Yep, they are broken down in your intestines as any food stuff would be, and all those heavy metals are reabsorbed. If parasites become a problem, you flush them out with enemas or laxatives and then you consume some active charcoal to bind any heavy metals that may leak out if some of the parasites die.

For a further reading, please take a few minutes with these articles. Once you let go of your ego and accept that you have been deceived, you can truly live and flourish. Understanding our true biology is extremely liberating. Do not deny yourself this knowledge and freedom.

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