Germ Theory is a LIE! The Terrain is Everything!

The Immune System Fallacy and Fighting ‘Disease’ with Isolated Nutrients

I’ve touched on this in earlier posts about the fake Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Your body need all essential nutrients to function properly. You cannot ‘super-load’ a nutrient in hope to get a ‘stronger effect’, not unless you are severely deficient. But even if you are deficient, you can only “load up” until saturation. And that if your body recognize the nutrient you try to supplement with, if taken as a supplement that is. Nutrients must come from food where they work in synergy; what is called ‘food synergy’ of ‘food matrix.’ When separated and taken in artificial form as a supplement, they are mostly useless.
When nutrients enter your body and is absorbed, they are broken down and used in different chemical reactions. This can be the production of an enzyme or a hormone, or to manufacture new cells. If your diet is lacking one or more nutrients, the functions these nutrients are used for will be hampered or even shut down, as your body will try to hang on to the last stored amount it has and save it for crucial life survival tasks. Your body will only use what is needed for that moment in time. Any excess of any specific nutrient will be stored in organs, in your body fat, or be discarded out the other end.

If you are low on any nutrient, such as a vitamin or mineral, it will affect your health. Some processes might slow down considerably and you will experience various symptoms, something a doctor would call a ‘modern disease’. Or worse, you will not be able to detoxify, and toxins will build up in various tissues, causing illness, chronic inflammation and even bacterial infections (if the bacteria get sick from the toxins.)

This is why nutrition is so crucial in order to stay healthy and well. It has nothing to do with an “immune system” and you cannot boost this imaginary “immune system” with loading up on various vitamins or antioxidants. And with that being said, those who experience what they believe were ‘enormous benefits’ from, for example, Vitamin D supplementation, did in reality get no benefits at all. The toxic chemical shitstorm they call vitamin D simply shut down their healing process, and their symptoms, which comes from the healing process, went away, fooling them into believing that they got better. It’s the sun exposure that has beneficial effects on the human body. What they call Vitamin D is actually the body’s response and indicator that you have been in the sun. It’s just a proxy marker for sun exposure, and nothing more. The health benefits were from sun exposure and not from the marker. 

And considering that most of the population are deficient, the only way to actually improve health is by consuming real nutritious food, which is the fat, flesh and produce of animals, our species appropriate diet. This just goes back to the simple fact that any nutrient deficiency will show itself as some kind of illness – or make your detoxification process struggle, making you experiencing colds and flu-like symptoms for weeks and weeks – or even months on end. Not because of some mystical germ, but because your body is lacking the resources to clean itself and the process is slowed down and dragged out. It’s all very logical.

It’s crucial to recognize that this “being attacked from the outside” of invisible germs and viruses are a profitable scare-tactic, a multi-billion-dollar scam. Living organisms, such as humans, cannot transfer disease to other beings. If we could, we would not have survived and multiply through history. We cannot get infected by these imaginary boogeymen. That also means that a lot of what we have been told about our “immune system” is completely wrong.

Since we only can get ill from poisons, toxic chemicals, malnutrition/nutrition deficiencies, radiation, stress and emotional stress/psychological trauma, it is all about providing our body the means to detoxify and heal itself. We do that by following our natural species appropriate diet (carnivore/animal-based), by limiting exposure to harmful environmental pollutants, by getting enough rest and sleep, and by controlling stress and previous traumas by working on our psyche. It’s all about the terrain as Claude Bernard (1813-1878) coined when he initiated the terrain theory, which was later built upon by Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908); the true pioneers of biology and real medical science. If the terrain (our body) is poisoned, we do not introduce another poison (drug/medicine), instead we remove the poison and clean out the terrain.

Germs do not cause disease, disease causes germs. Germs are the body’s scavengers, the garbage men of your cells. If they are present, that means that the conditions where they lie are unfavorable. Change the conditions of the ‘terrain’, and the germs will morph back into their healthy state.

It is easier for us to put the blame on an outside invader, thereby shifting the responsibility outside of ourselves and onto the fraudulent pseudoscience medical establishment. But health can only come from within. As Antoine Béchamp said: “Disease is born of us and in us.” That same is true for health.

“Bernard a raison; le terrain c’est tout, le germe c’est rien”, translates to “Bernard is right. The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”
– Louis Pasteur, during his last 10 years in life, recanted the Germ Theory and admitted that his rivals had been right.

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