“Virus, It’s Time to Go.” Another Great Summary of the Germ Theory and Virus Lie by Dr. Sam Bailey

As long as the information is correct and not made with their own agenda behind it, I will endorse excellent videos like this one. Also, this is the most important lie and fraud to uncover as it is the only way to stop the attack and terror on the world populace with fake viruses and staged pandemics. It’s also the only way to finally end the corrupt and evil medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry and their money grab in keeping people sick and hooked on drugs when all you need to be healthy and recover from any “illness/disease” is nutritious food, periods of fasting and sometimes mental counselling (as in coming to terms with trauma and stress.) You cannot heal anything with drugs or remedies – that will only mask the symptoms or shut down the healing process fooling you into thinking you got better.

This video is a dedication to the legendary ex-virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka and his experiments that proves, with 100% certainty, that virology is a scam and that viruses does not exist.


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For a deeper understanding of the extreme falsehood of the germ theory, please take a few to watch this video:

The End of Germ Theory

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