Joachim at March 7, 2021

My 47-year Birthday Post from Facebook

Thank you everyone – levelling up to 47!
Stronger, better, healthier!

Joachim at March 7, 2021

I have to admit that I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the birthday wishes. Myself, I’m pretty lousy at writing those on Facebook as I only use this platform on PC in my Brave Browser, using VPN and several browser extensions to strip all the useless stuff and staying away from spy-ware – simply running FB as bare-boned as possible. In other words, I never get those birthday reminders. So, sorry for sucking at that. But hey, you know I care about and love all of you anyways, right?

As for the attached picture, it was taken about a month ago, since I’m too lazy to take new ones (but eventually I will). Now, being 47-years old, or young, I feel better than I ever have and my health continues to climb to new heights. My journey through ‘hell’ in 2017 and 2018, which almost ended my life, was the scariest and darkest period in my life – but it was also a blessing!

As I managed to overcome the illness, I realized and learned that ‘Western Medicine’ is built upon lies. The germ theory is a scam – a multibillion scare tactic set in place by the Rockefellers. I also realized that humans are carnivores and scavengers, that the Terrain Theory is the closest thing we have to the truth, and I also discovered German New Medicine, which is evolving this exploration of human health and biology in the right direction. All of these realizations are what saved my life and what has allowed me to help others. I am very grateful for that!

This is what has happened to my health since adopting the Terrain Theory, a fully Animal-based/Carnivore diet and using strategic prolonged fasting for healing since 2018 (and adopting parts of German New Medicine in late 2020):

Blood Work.
From being a total mess in early 2018, all readings were fully restored after three months and at excellent readings in late 2018. Failing liver, kidneys and thyroid gland fully healed and restored. All hormonal imbalances solved within 6 months.

The tumor in my neck close to my brain has vanished. The big tumor in my left leg (one third of the leg mass) has reduced significantly and I can no longer feel it – and leg strength is up again. In early 2021 I could finally start training legs again without sacrificing movement patterns and stability.

Asthma and Allergies.
39 years of severe effort-induced asthma and allergies to pollen, strong scents, dust and such totally gone after the first 9-day fast (with several days of dry fasting) in April of 2018 after being carnivore for two months. I have not touched any asthma or allergy medication since. I can’t even provoke an asthma attack with restricting my breathing in bad conditions while exercising near maximum. In the past, I would get an asthma attack just by exercising without taking my medication first. I couldn’t even sleep without taking my medication prior. Being rid of this after 39 years is a blessing!

Being Sick/feeling ill.
From being sick 2 to 4 times every year and with recurring pneumonia and/or sinusitis every winter, I have not been sick since 2018. Not one single day! All I can get is some phlegm for an hour a few times a year as my body does a natural cleaning cycle. Hardly noticeable.

Heart Health.
My heart took a beating when my body was failing and I almost died. My resting heart rate in 2015/2016 was around 43 to 47 bpm as I was in great shape and enjoyed a ketogenic diet high in healthy cholesterol and animal fats. In 2017 when I got severely ill, my eating habits plummeted as I had zero energy to prepare food. And as the tumors grew and my organs began to fail, my heart health was declining as well.
In early 2018, my resting heart rate was up to 95 to 105 bpm! After a few months on carnivore and healing, it was down to about 75 to 85. In 2020 it was down to around 70. As of now, in early 2021, it’s between 47 and 55.
Also, my heart rate variability (HRV) was still a very low 20 in September of 2020, when I got my Oura-ring. Previously I had measured it as low as 11 in 2019!!
Now, in April of 2021 it’s between 55 and 75 on low-end days when I challenge myself, and 75 to 90 when I’m fully recovered.
HRV is one of the key indicators of your recovery status, overall health, and fitness level. And it’s a very important indicator of heart health and your heart’s ‘life expectancy’.

Lung Health and Lung Capacity.
When I was really sick as a kid I got ‘irreversible’ lung damage with scar tissue, according to the specialists. Combined with my asthma, that was the reason I mostly did explosive and strength-oriented sports. And in the past, my heart rate would speed like crazy when I got out of breath.
In 2018, I would get out of breath by just walking for a few minutes. Now, in 2021, I have a hard time getting out of breath. It really feels like my lungs have regenerated to a huge degree. In the gym, I never rest. I go between two or more exercises, walking between them is my only rest. I can feel a little bit winded just as I finish a tough leg exercise or a giant drop set going for 1.5 minutes, but a few seconds later I’m game again, and so is my heart rate. It can go up to 120 or 130 and a few seconds later it’s at 90 or even 80 (my target heart rate should be between 104 and 138 when exercising hard). I can just go on like a machine. No fatigue. I only feel it in my muscles when I’m done as I’m losing the ‘pump’ and the feeling of strong muscle contractions. Most of the time it’s just between 90 and 110, when doing easier stuff. However, back in 2016 my heart rate could reach 150 when lifting and it averaged 120 during a workout…

I’ve been active my whole life, and I’m better now at 47 than at any previous point in my life. And I contribute this to finally understanding our biology, that the terrain is everything and that we are carnivores.

I will write more about these amazing health changes in the future, with some screen shots from all the apps and measurement tools I use. But that is all for now!

Thank you for reading and thank you again everyone for the birthday wishes!

Much love!

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