The Covid Virus LIE – They’re Going After our Animals: What we can expect in the next few years…

They have been playing at this for some time now, that animals could get infected with fantasy viruses, something that does not even exist. Unfortunately, the majority of people are dumber than a bag of nuts, and are still believing in the pandemic hoax, the contagion fraud – all of the bullocks despite years of evidence of the contrary.

The document from states this:

“New human coronaviruses can originate from domesticated animals. HCoV-OC43 is thought to have originated from cattle in the 19th century”…

“Examining other coronavirus in animals and humans show faecal oral transmission can occur as an efficient additional means of transmission as was the cases with SARS-CoV and transmission in the Amoy Garden Complex”…

“SARS-CoV-2 can infect a wide range of animals both in nature/farms”…” and companion animals (cats and dogs)”…

“There is likely to be a different level of risk of exposure and potential for new variants between farmed animals (high density) and companion animals.”

Of course, this is all pure nonsense, since viruses do not exist. It’s fairytales for the stupid. Everything is made up.
I touched on this in a previous post from late May, about Russia vaccinating animals. I kind of predicted this in that article.

There are two main reasons why they are going after animals. The first obvious one is the fine print in Agenda 2030 – no pets allowed in the new smart cities. This current criminal social distancing and the other lockdown measures taken in several countries has already separated people, and made many sick and mentally ill just from the lack of socializing and human contact. For many, pets have been a blessing, a savior. So, that is what they want to remove next.

However, in Agenda 2030, once the depopulation goal has been met of a “sustainable population”, they want EVERYONE to live in smart cities. Rural areas, small villages, farmsteads, everything outside big cities will be owned by the globalist scumbags – by the globalist-controlled governments. That is why they have been buying so much land as of late. You will need digital IDs to travel and to even be allowed in most areas outside of the cities, as they will be claimed as “nature reserve areas”, by laws drawn up from the Climate Change hoax (that is in full swing at the moment).

And now to the main point. They know that humans are carnivores, that the only way for us to get bioavailable nutrition (to make us healthy and thrive), is from animal foods – from meat, organ meats, and from animal produce such as dairy and eggs. However, a strong healthy population is not what they want. They want the opposite. So, by lying about a contagion, they can start and kill off livestock and thus hamper the only source of real food that we have. And that will open the doors for even more nutritionless and toxic plant foods, including lab-grown fake meat. The problem with fake meat is that you have no idea of what is in it. Most likely DARPA-Gates hydrogel. And growing meat in a lab will only yield muscle protein, very little minerals and minimal or non-existent vitamins. We need real meat, and preferable organ meat, to get all the bioavailable and essential vitamins and minerals. They know this, and that is why they have been, and still are pushing evil and deadly psy-ops like veganism, vegetarianism, and now fake meat. It’s another silent weapon against us in the quiet war.

This is the main reason for lying about contagious viruses, and now that animals can get “infected”. They want to get rid of our main source of nourishment and replace it with controlled kibble – only providing us with enough nourishment to survive, while being docile and weak. Just like the old Sci-Fi movies and Star Trek predictive programming of “nourishment gels” and “pills” where everything is “synthesized”. And we will soon be there unless we fight back!

The fight is on! Stay strong! Tell them to go to hell!

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